These 5 health-related problems can be alleviated with ice cubes, use them this way

Health Benefits of Ice Cube: Be it a mango shake or a cold-cold lassi, its fun is incomplete without ice cubes. But did you know that ice is not just used to cool the water or enhance the taste of the shake? Ice is also used to remove problems such as high fever, prickly heat, heat stroke. Tell us what problems you can overcome with ice.

These 5 problems can be alleviated by snow
Very feverish

In the case of high fever, the doctor often advises the patient to keep a cold bandage of ice water on his forehead. Doing so reduces body temperature and reduces fever in a while.

Relief from heat
In the summer, people are often troubled by the heat stroke. In such a situation, a piece of ice can free you from this problem. Whenever you come home from the outside, first rub the ice cubes into the hands and feet. Doing this will get you relief from the heat and keep the body cool.

Heat rash
In the summer, if you have pearly heat on your forehead and neck along with your hands and feet, then massage with ice. Doing so will cure acne.

Stomach Irritation
If you have a burning stomach problem, eat cold water immediately with ice. The sooner you get in trouble, the better.

If your leg is sprained and swollen due to a sudden leg twist, ice can also help heal it. The problem of swelling is eliminated by rubbing ice in the torn place.

Get caught
Often, when doing household chores, the wooden stick gets stuck in the hand. Sometimes it is not easy to manually remove the wooden rope fiber. In such a situation, if you place a piece of ice in a hanging place for two minutes, the place will become numb and the trap will come off easily.

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