This bank is offering health insurance of Rs 25 lakhs with 6.25 interest in savings account, check details

Sarvodaya Small Finance Bank launched ‘Sarvodaya Health and Wellness Savings Plan’ on Wednesday. The project has been launched focusing on the Kovid-19 epidemic. Tell us about a special project –

Husband, wife and two children take advantage of this new scheme of Sarvodaya Small Financial Bank. This includes up to 25 lakh health insurance, annual health package and on-call ambulance medical care services. According to a statement issued by the bank, the top-up health insurance and health care package will be completely free to customers during the account opening year. Apart from this, until March 2022, the 102 ambulance facility will be free in the area of ​​20 km.

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Who can open this account

All 18 to 65 year olds can open an account under ‘Sarvodaya Health and Wellness Savings Scheme’. The account can be opened single or jointly. The bank said in a statement that under the scheme, people who maintain a minimum monthly balance of Rs 3 lakh in their account will be able to take advantage of it. When launching the project, the MD and CEO of the bank said its sudden treatment would always put a financial burden on the family. With this in mind, we started this project.

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Key Issues

  • Daily ATM withdrawal limit is Rs 1.50 lakh
  • The daily value of the transaction limit is Rs 3 lakh.
  • Existing savings account customers can also upgrade to this.


The interest rate depends entirely on the account balance. 4% interest is payable if the amount in the account is less than 1 lakh. 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh is available in the account while 6.25% interest is available. More than 10 lakhs receive interest at 6 per cent.

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