This electric bike is in great demand, the bikes were sold within minutes of the start of the sale and the booking had to be closed

Petrol prices are constantly rising across the country, and in some states the price figures have crossed a century. In such a situation, more and more people are shifting towards electric vehicles. The country’s leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer, Revolt Motors, has begun re-booking for its electric bikes and, due to heavy demand, all bikes were sold within minutes and bookings closed.

Before that, let us tell you that this bike has started booking the rebellion for Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad on June 18th. During this time, there was heavy reaction from customers and demand was so high that bookings had to be closed again in just two hours. Bookings for this bike are being made through the company’s official website. Now the company has not shared any information about when its next booking will begin.

High prices of petrol have increased demand:

Revolt said in a press release that rising petrol prices in the country were a major contributor to the demand for these electric bikes. According to the company, the driving cost of Revolt electric bikes is Rs 9 per 100km, which is much less than petrol bikes. The cost of driving a petrol bike is Rs. 250 per 100km.

Coup rv400 booking

On the Revolt RV400, the company used an electric motor with a 3 kW (mid drive) capacity and a 3.24 kW lithium ion battery. Its top speed is 85 km / h. The bike is offered in three different driving modes, including Eco, Normal and Sport. The company claims that this electric bike offers a range of 150 km in Eco Mode, 100 km in Normal Mode and 80 km in Sport Mode.

It only takes 4.5 hours for its battery to be fully charged. The company claims that this battery can charge up to 75% in just 3 hours. This electric bike can also be operated by Mirevolt Ape. The app gives you the exhaust sound of your choice with connectivity features like bike locator / geo-fencing. With the help of a smartphone, the user can change it according to his choice.

State governments are also taking advantage of subsidies:

The state government is constantly announcing subsidies to promote the use of electric vehicles in various states of the country. For example, the Government of Maharashtra is encouraging the purchase of Revolt bikes by more than Rs. While the Gujarat government has been giving direct incentives of Rs 20,000, the Delhi government has paid around Rs 16,200. Similarly, Meghalaya costs Rs 32,000 per bike. And Bihar has also given an equal amount of incentives. Moreover, the states of Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Delhi have waived road tax on EV bikes.

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