Tips: Apply Aloevera gel to your hair with onion juice and you will find many benefits

Women love their hair and their beauty, women make many efforts to keep them strong and beautiful. But by using chemical-based hair products due to pollution and the consumption of the wrong ingredients in food, the hair is damaged and they begin to fall. You can also see such problems in the changing pages. In such a situation, you can mix Aloevera gel and onion juice at home. So let’s learn how to apply this mixture to your hair.

Its advantages

1) While Aloevera has anti-fungal properties, onions have antibacterial properties. That is why it is said that blending these two hairs can reduce the problem of dandruff.

Everyone knows that hair is made of keratin, which is a kind of protein. There is plenty of protein in onion juice. In such a situation, applying it on the hair will bring the beige to life.

3) Putting onions on the scalp improves blood circulation, which strengthens the hair.

How to find out

Mix 2 tablespoons aloevera gel in a cup of onion juice. You can also mix rosemary essential oil in it, which also reduces odor and is very good for scalp health. Apply this mixture to your hair length while massaging. After applying it, do not tie the hair, but let it dry this way. Leave this mixture on the hair for an hour and then rinse the hair with shampoo. Apply the mixture to your hair once a week and you will see the difference.

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