To make the skin glow, never distract yourself from these five things

There are many of us, whose body looks small but their face is not shiny. In addition, wrinkles on their face begin to appear at an early age. Changing, tweaking, and increasing facial dryness, many problems come to the fore. In such a situation, add some special fruits to your diet in the winter-

Raita or lassi made with molasses will improve your digestion. You can mix it with rice flour or gram flour and apply it on your face. It will remove your stains.

Lemon juice is very beneficial not only to your stomach but also to the skin. Drinking lemon water every day can cure stomach problems. Also, you can mix the lemon juice with plain water or glycerin and apply it on the face.

Most people like to eat watermelon. In such a situation, besides eating watermelon, you can also apply its juice on the face.

You know that milk is called whole food. You should drink at least two cups of milk daily. You can drink one cup of milk each morning and night. You can also apply raw milk, which means uncooked milk on the face.

You should add an apple every day in your diet. Also, you can grind an apple and extract the juice from it and put it on your face. Vinegar is also made from apple, which is very good for the face.

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