Trump-biden debate slips into chaos as insults drown/Indian News Live

Trump-biden debate slips into chaos as insults drown

Washington: US President Donald Trump said he had won Tuesday’s debate. During the presidential election, the candidates had their first conversation on a number of key issues. The altercation between Trump and Joe Biden took place amid juicy, reciprocal accusations. Trump told reporters on the White House campus that they had the upper hand in every aspect of the debate. A total of three rounds of debates will take place in Cleveland and Ohio as part of the US presidential campaign. This ended the first debate. However, the Trump and Joe Biden camps have said that they have threatened their opponents with their questions and have not received answers from them at various stages. Trump said he realized how weak his opponent was during the debate.

Biden made it clear in the interview that he had dried up the failures. Trump joked that all his outbursts were shouting. This debate will play a very crucial role in the US presidential election. These give people a chance to see what their potential is when they compete for the top job. The dialogue was based on six topics. These are called rounds. Trump said he hit the other person in almost every round. Trump has announced that he is looking forward to two more debates in Florida and Tennessee.

The face-to-face discussion took place as a comment by Democratic Party fan, Fox News reporter Kliswalen. Trump said the opposition candidate was too weak to serve the US leadership in any way and could not answer any of his criticisms of the many corruption allegations. Trump said the opposition, which had been embroiled in a first-round debate, was not ready to send Biden to two more debates, but that he would have to come to terms with the system, which is the current situation in that party.

Trump-Biden Debate Slips Into Chaos as Insults Drown

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