Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey first auctioned the 15-year-old tweet

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of social media platform Twitter, has auctioned off one of his 15-year-old tweets to save as a digital memento. This is the first time a tweet has been auctioned on Twitter.

CEO Jack Dorsey posted with a unique digital signature, ‘I have set up Twitter, but this tweet is the first sale on this platform.’ Dorsey tweeted in March 2006, a tweet ahead of the auction. Was.

Older offers for tweet indicate that tweet was only sold in December. But it caught the attention of people when Darcy himself tweeted this on Friday.

A man bid US $ 88,888.88 on Friday to buy his old tweet. After this, many people bid on Saturday and the highest bid so far is US $ 2 million.