Uma Bharti to stand against Shivraj’s new excise policy

Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Uma Bharti had earlier warned of a proposal to open new liquor stores in the state, saying there should be no proposal for new problems in the state. At the same time, now, former chief minister Uma Bharati and defending chief minister Shivraj are now face to face. Please tell us, Uma Bharati has made preparations for the ban. She said she will launch a liquor bans campaign on March 8 for Women’s Day.

Let us tell you that the government is preparing to implement a new liquor policy for 2021-22 soon, but before that the state is hot. The former chief minister wrote on social media, ‘I got my colleague for an alcohol and drug addiction campaign. This girl Khushboo is from Madhya Pradesh and she came to join me for my Ganges stay in Uttarakhand. I saw both loyalty and courage in it, then its name was Ganga Bharati. I asked Ganga to launch an alcohol and addiction campaign on 20 March 2021 for Women’s Day. They will tell you more details after 5 days.

The government had already issued a warning

The day after Home Minister Narottam Mishra issued a statement on the opening of new liquor stores in the state, it was then announced that he would launch a campaign on liquor arrests. About 10 years ago, rape rates were on the rise after intoxication, so there must be a lot of intoxication and bans, he said. It takes political courage to make such a decision. So a campaign will be launched in Madhya Pradesh on liquor bans.