Unmukt Chand said goodbye to Indian cricket at the age of 28.

In 2102, when Unmukt Chand won the Under-19 World Cup for India, he was considered the next superstar of Indian cricket. Everybody expected that the Delhi boy would rule in international cricket with his bat power in the coming years. However, Unmukt’s name gradually disappeared later that year, and he couldn’t even take the field once he wore a Team India jersey. On August 13, the right-handed batsman announced his retirement from Indian cricket. Unmukt announced that he would now play pro-US cricket. Unmukt Chand, meanwhile, is set to retire from Indian cricket at the age of 28. He alleged that he had to make the decision due to the ongoing politics of the Delhi Cricket Board. Unmukt, who plays domestic cricket in Delhi, said such players are getting chances in the squad, adding that they do not intend to add them to their club squad.

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In an interview with SportsKeeda, Unmukt Chand said, “The last few years have been very difficult for me. In the past, I have not played a single match for Delhi and even then I am worried about whether I will play the next game. There are a lot of concerns in Indian domestic cricket. I don’t want to waste my time on all of these things, obviously I have limited years to play and I want to play good cricket and it’s a very bad place to be in a mess.

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Unmukt said he had no plans to retire from Indian cricket four months ago, but due to circumstances and constant neglect, he had to make the decision. Unmukt has signed with Silicon Valley Strikers for the 2021 season of American minor league cricket. However, he was unable to show anything special in the first game of the tournament and, after playing three balls, returned to the pavilion without opening an account.

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