UPPSC PCS: Asked in the interview – right or wrong in a relationship, what benefits from a night curfew

On the seventh day of the PCS 2020 Interview held at Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, two candidates were absent from both parties. 108 out of 112 appeared in the interview. The interview board asked all the current and interesting questions to the candidates. One candidate was asked, ‘Why a night curfew? What are its benefits?’

Live in Relationship is great, can you live in such a relationship, be SDM, plan out with wife, meet up at 9 pm the same day, be able to make wife happy, if you are SDM your tahsil top how do you take it, quote nirala’s poem from hindi literature What is said in it, say the song by Kishore Kumar, has questions like this.

In a PCS interview, I asked – If a woman wants to earn a living, what is the difference between Ramayana and Ramcharit Manas?

Ask the Terai district, what is the problem there, some new ways of solving the peasant problem, the importance of literature in governance, the problems of rural life, why bullet train when there is so much poverty, why spend so much on ISRO, the four pillars of shadow religion known as ha’awad questions. Four came, nirala’s full name, the impact of socialism on nirala. Questions were also about the meaning of the poem with a Muslim poet who was a devotee of Krishna, his contemporary Rahim, the country’s 48th chief justice, Moti Manas Choon.