Video: Farmers protesting agrarian laws at Singh’s border shouted to Congress MPs

Farmers protesting at the Singu border in Delhi have demanded the repeal of three new agrarian laws and have been accused of leaving Ludhiana Congress MP Ranveet Singh on Sunday.

Significantly, farmers in Punjab, Haryana and various parts of the country have been campaigning in different borders of the national capital for more than a month demanding the repeal of the Center’s three new agricultural laws.

What matters
In September, the government implemented all three agrarian laws as a major improvement in agriculture. The government says the role of the intermediary will end after these laws and farmers will be allowed to sell their products anywhere in the country. At the same time, farmers are demanding the repeal of all three agricultural laws. Farmers say the laws have been enacted to benefit the industry and eliminate the knee and minimum support pricing (MSP) system.