Vinayaka Chaturthi of the Corona period; Mumbai artist with ‘Sanitizer Ganesha Idols’

Mumbai: An artist from the Gatkapur area of ​​Mumbai has created a sanitizer Ganesha V planet to coincide with the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. Sensor machines are installed inside the Ganesha V planet.

The sanitizer is obtained by extending the hands below the V planet. Every year the planets are made in a new and different way. Nitin Ramdas Chaudhary, an artist at the Pranjal Art Center, told ANI that the change in the planets is due to the expansion of Kovid 19 this year.

‘We believe that Ganapati solves all obstacles and crises. That is why V-planet was fitted with a sanitizer. It symbolizes that Ganapati Bhagavan will remove this virus from us.

As the devotees get closer to the planet, they naturally get sanitizer. Despite the hard work of the government and the authorities, the spread of Kovid has not diminished. Chaudhary said.

Maharashtra: An artist from Mumbai’s Ghatkopar has made ‘sanitizer Ganesha idols’ ahead of #GaneshaChaturthi.

He says, “COVID-19 is still here, so I have made idols that dispense sanitizer. It functions automatically when people place their hands under it to sanitize them.”

– ANI (@ANI) August 18, 2020
He added that although sales of the planet have been low this year since the Kovid plague, people are showing that planet on such unique planets and sales are on the rise.

Only three planets have been built so far. But the decision was made to build more such planets as the people-planet represents. The ten-day Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations begin on August 22.

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