Want to drink green tea but don’t like the taste? These techniques enhance the taste and benefits

We all know about the benefits of green tea but most people don’t like the taste of it. If you are one of those people who can’t compromise quickly with testing and are health conscious, here are some tips for you. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants. It is believed that they protect you from deadly diseases like cancer. It contains many bioactive compounds which are considered to be beneficial for health. Even after receiving many benefits, if you are hesitant to drink it because of its taste, you can try some techniques to increase the test.

How to brew

How you make green tea makes a difference in its taste. If you put tea bags in hot water or boil green tea leaves for a long time, its taste will deteriorate and it will get bitter. Always boil water in low heat and turn it off. After this, put the sieve over the cup and add green tea to it and pour water over the top. Put the sieve over the cup and the bottom of it touches the hot water. Doing this leaves the leaf extract in water. Leave it on for 2 minutes, then mix it with a spoon and drink it.

Increase this type of test

Most people drink green tea only after boiling it with water, which makes the taste a little astringent. Add lemon and honey to enhance its taste. It enhances its taste and enhances its nutritional value. If you prefer, you can also add ginger or mild black pepper to it. If you like the taste of cardamom, you can boil the cardamom with water.

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