We Can Be Heroes Movie Review: Starring YaYa Gosselin and Priyanka Chopra

After watching this juvenile mishmash of a super-hero movie, where they must go to school — and finish school — spend their time trying to mock their superhero parents, I’m sitting in stunned silence for two minutes of Priyanka Chopra’s international career.

Is it coming? One of my favorite contemporary Indian actresses has forgotten how to act! It gives her a lot more room to do anything other than act as a boss in tight executive suits that we can’t become heroes and a hairstyle that suggests she doesn’t have a lot of time. Priyanka plays MS Granada.

I am not sure what she would do if the children of super-heroes were to point fingers at her and threaten house arrest if they didn’t obey her. If Oliver Twist is a miniature superhero, then MS. If Granada is the owner of an orphanage, Oliver asks him more harshly. How cruel.

The Children We Can Be Heroes Ask Ms Granada for nothing. They slip out of prison to protect their father from alien invasion, and… .on! Really, it’s very capable, hamfist and lukewarm. I found the punchline for a stretch joke. Director Robert Rodriguez (who has worked on several eponymous super-hero rescues) has no other plans. It’s about empowering children.

It’s also about saving your superhero dads. Super hero kids all have a certain power. Known as Fast Forward and Rewind, twins have the power to move in different directions over time. This is clever enough to get the picture. The heroine, no, not Priyanka Chopra, but a 10-year-old girl named Missy Moreno has no special powers, and that is her special power. Like a pretty picture. It has no special powers.

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