WhatsApp brings a new feature, you can listen to audio before sending a voice message

The messaging app WhatsApp has been working on the playback speed of voice messages for some time. Under this feature, users will be able to listen to voice message at fast or slow speeds. Currently this feature is under testing. Now, according to a recent report, WhatsApp is testing another feature related to voice messages. Under this feature, any voice message can be checked before sending.

The new feature works like this

In fact, if you want to send a voice message on WhatsApp, you have to record the sound by pressing the mic’s button. The voice message goes automatically as soon as the button is released. But with the arrival of the new feature, users also have the option of asking before sending their message. Currently, the user’s message is sent directly.

According to the report, WhatsApp is adding a review button to its app. Only tapping the voice message can be heard. After this, the user will be able to decide whether to send or cancel the message.

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Photos and videos are now viewed in larger sizes

WhatsApp recently released another new feature for its users. With the new feature, photos and videos will now be bigger than ever in WhatsApp chat. When the photo was first sent to WhatsApp, its preview appears in square shape. That is, if the photo is long, it is cropped in the preview. However, now you will be able to see the image in full even if you don’t open the photo. The image size preview also looks the same.