WhatsApp Web User Data Leaked? The mobile number is visible in Google search

The controversy over WhatsApp’s new policy has not yet settled, as Google has emerged a new case of WhatsApp’s data leak. According to the report, users’ mobile numbers have been leaked through WhatsApp’s desktop (web) app, which is just beginning to appear in Google Search. This claim was made by cyber security researcher Rajasekhar Rajaria and some screenshots of it have been shared on social media. This week, let us know that the Google WhatsApp group of links also appeared in a Google search.

Mobile number of users in Google search
‘If you’re using WhatsApp Web, Google is indexing your mobile number and messages,’ Rajaria wrote in a tweet. It is not known why WhatsApp is unable to monitor its website and Google. It happened a third time. Some screenshots have been shared with the post, including the WhatsApp user’s personal mobile number index, which can be clearly seen in Google search.

According to Rajahriya, WhatsApp is leaking data through the web and all the mobile numbers found in Google search are individual users, not one of them as a business user. Please tell me that WhatsApp has 2 billion users worldwide and this number is over 400 million in India. Many users also use WhatsApp on their desktop and web browsers.

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The first WhatsApp groups leaked
About 4-5 days ago, a Google search also revealed the case of WhatsApp groups and was also revealed by Rajasekhar Rajahriya. According to the report, any unknown person can join a private WhatsApp group due to the shortcomings of WhatsApp. Not only that, people were afraid of leaking phone numbers and profile pictures.

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WhatsApp’s disgust over the new data policy
There has been talk of a change in WhatsApp’s service and privacy policy. WhatsApp reported these changes to users last week via notifications in the app. WhatsApp says that in order to continue using its platform, users must agree to the new Terms and Conditions by February 8. After this, many users are leaving WhatsApp and creating their own account in apps like Telegram and Signal.