WhatsApp’s new privacy policy challenged in Delhi High Court – breach of privacy rights

The petition was filed in the High Court on Thursday against WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. The petition described WhatsApp’s new privacy policy as a violation of billions of people’s privacy rights, but claimed it was a threat to national security. Lawyer Chaitanya Rohilla has filed a PIL in the High Court seeking immediate effect of WhatsApp’s new Privacy Policy.

The petition has directed the court to protect the oral and personal rights of the people and in no way neglect it when making any changes to the privacy policy through WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s new policy gives the company the right to take all kinds of information given in its 360-degree profile, lawyer Rohilla said in the petition.

The court has asked the petitioners to order WhatsApp to ensure that the central government exercises its powers under Section 87 (2) (GG) and Section 79 (2) (c) of the Information Technology Act. Do not share user data with third parties or its users with Facebook and its companies.

WhatsApp has begun updating its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for its users, announcing the new Privacy Policy on January 4. WhatsApp explained how it processes user data and shares them with Facebook. The update said users will have to agree to the new terms and policy by February 8, 2021 to continue using WhatsApp’s services.

A large number of users, including many business giants, are concerned about the move. WhatsApp users in India are over 400 million. Globally, India is one of WhatsApp’s biggest markets. The recent change in WhatsApp’s service and privacy policy has sparked debate and many users are moving to WhatsApp’s rival forums, Telegram and Signal.


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