Why Do People Hate Mondays, Hate Monday Quotes, Memes, Messages, and Reasons to hate Monday

Why Do People Hate Mondays

Bad Monday at work makes people more likely to seek employment elsewhere. But Monday Blues can be very real if you can’t handle your work. It can start with a feeling of panic on Sunday evening and depression for the next five days.

Hate Monday Quotes

  • Monday morning: Hate it or love it. This is another day to rock up to an early morning break.
  • Don’t like Monday. This is a great start to the rest of the week. Treat it well, it will treat you well. If you have a positive attitude, the world is sure to enjoy you.
  • Monday gets a bad wrap because it’s the start of a work week. It’s not a bad day!
  • It’s not a very awkward and wonderful moment when you realize that it’s the start of a work week, and everyone else is working but you are.
  • Don’t you just want to feel fresh and full of life on a Monday? I pity the fools who wake up with a hangover.
  • It’s Monday, and I’m happy to see it! Why? Because the other day I was given! Good day

Hate Monday Memes

  • “Hey Monday, you left this at my house!”
  • “Am I ready for Monday: No.”
  • “Arriving to work on Monday morning: I’m dead inside.” Don’t miss these life lessons from Michael Scott.


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