Why Prashant Kishore Talked About Bengal Election – Reminds Me Of My Last Tweet On May 2

With the announcement of the dates, the West Bengal elections have been profitable. Meanwhile, Prashant Kishore, who is formulating an election strategy for the Trinamool Congress in Bengal, has said that the most important struggle for democracy in India will take place in West Bengal. Shortly before the Bengal elections starting March 27, election strategist Prashant Kishore tweeted that he wants Bengal only for his daughter. Not only that, he said he would stick to a previous tweet, in which he said the BJP would not get more than 99 seats.

In a tweet on Saturday morning, Prashant Kishore said, “The great fight for democracy in India will be fought in West Bengal. Bengal only wants its daughter. The people of Bengal are ready with their message and decided to show their right card. ‘

Prashant Kishore also tweeted in his tweet earlier. He recalled a tweet on December 21, in which he said that the BJP would quit the job of electoral technicians if there were over 99 seats in Bengal. Recalling the same tweet, Prashant said that after the results came out on Saturday, May 2, you remind me of my previous tweet.

Most notably, after the BJP won 18 seats in Bengal in the last Lok Sabha elections, Mamata Banerjee appointed Prashant Kishore’s company i-Pak. Prashant Kishore has claimed that Amit Shah has claimed that his party will form the government by bringing more than 200 seats in the next Bengal assembly elections.

Assembly elections in West Bengal will be held in eight phases from March 27 to April 29, with the remaining four states voting on May 2. Voting for the first phase on March 27, the second stage on April 1, the third stage on April 6, the fourth stage on April 10, the fifth stage on April 17, the sixth stage on April 22, the seventh stage and the final stage on April 26. Held on April 29th. Assembly elections were held in West Bengal between April 4 and May 5, 2016 in six stages.