Why You Should Go To The World Expo In Dubai

People love going to cultural shows. As different people from various parts of the world interact with one another, one of the subjects that fascinate humans the most is how much there is in common between them and people living thousands of miles away from them. To appreciate both the differences and the commonalities between the people of the world, the world community decided to hold global expositions every four years where every country would get a chance to represent the best of their heritage, current life, and future plans. After all, the Olympics and many other global tournaments happen every four years so why not expos?! This series of expositions was named the World Expo. Over the years, since the concept’s birth in the nineteenth century, the world expositions have given us famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Atomium in the beautiful country of Belgium. 

This year, the Expo is happening in a city that is already famous for its cutting-edge architectural marvels. From the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, to the most luxury hotel on this planet, the Burj ul Arab, there is a lot that Dubai has to offer. We would be remiss if we did not mention the eye candy that is the museum of the future and the stunning Sheikh Zayed mosque. The architecture and technology that were brought to Dubai from the 148 countries in the world will only serve to bolster the beauty of this already eye-catching city.

However, there is one bad news we have to share with you. The World Expo is ending in April. Have been paying for Comcast internet for a while and are trying to figure out how to use it in the best manner? Let us suggest you something. Book a ticket for the World Expo (the ticket will also be a free visa for you), book your plane ride to Dubai, and begin to research the pavilions you want to spend the most time on! In fact, now that we are at it, let us give you a teaser by elaborating on some of the best sites of Expo 2022.

The Dome Of The Al Wasl Plaza

The Al Wasl Plaza is to the Dubai Expo what the Eiffel Tower was to the Paris Expo. The Al Wasl Plaza consists of a dome that is considered to be the largest unsupported one in the world. It is a whopping 67 meters tall and 130 meters wide. Alongside, the dome’s surface has been designed very beautifully and changes colors due to the state-of-the-art lighting of the dome. The dome surface is also used for laser projections during light shows.

Moroccan Pavilion

The Moroccan Pavilion is a six-story structure that looks like an Earthen village. The thirty minutes to an hour that you spend walking inside the pavilion is bound to give you an experience very rarely available in the United States. The large Morrocon lamp suspended from the ceiling serves as a great set for your next Facebook profile picture. Really, the shadows that the wall creates on the walls are truly magical.

Mobility Pavilion

Two of the themes of the World Expo are mobility and sustainability. The Dubai Expo administrators have constructed pavilions to represent each of the themes. And really all the theme-inspired pavilions rank amongst the best. The Mobility Pavilion in Dubai is an architectural marvel designed by Foster + Partners, one of the foremost design firms from the United Kingdom. It is covered in stainless steel and looks absolutely stunning.

Sustainability Pavilion

The Sustainability Pavilion is, at the very least, as good as, if not better than, the Mobility Pavilion. It showcases to the world how to harness clean energy from the Sun and other renewable resources. It also gives the world great ideas on how to save its oceans and land areas alike. The pavilion features displays of dense forests as well as deep oceans that people of all ages seem to enjoy. 

Korean Pavilion

The Korean Pavilion provides you with a digitally guided tour. In this tour, you do not only get to see how marvelous the Korean pavilion is in itself but you also get a taste of the beauty of the other pavilions at Expo 2022. Our words probably do not do justice to how awesome the Korean Pavilion is. Let us just put it this way: if we were to choose one country’s pavilion, it would be the Korean Pavilion.


We are optimistic that this article has convinced you to take a trip to Dubai. The expo ends next month so be quick!

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