Windows XP source code leaked

New York: Source code of various software, including Microsoft’s operating system Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, has been leaked online. For a long time there was news that these results were circulating in some online circles. But this is the first time these are available for anyone to use.

The Verge The leak was first reported. The Verge reports that the source code is available as torrent files on some file sharing sites. The Hacker News reports that the total number of leaked files is 43 GB.

Windows CE 3, Windows CE 4, Windows CE 5, Windows Embedded 7, except Windows XP
Leaked files include Windows Embedded CE and some MS DOS source code.

At the same time The Hacker News has released the reaction of the person who released it – I think all the information should be absolutely free and available to everyone. Hiding information and so on is a diabolical act, the hacker said The Hacker News Reporting.

Support for Windows XP was discontinued by Microsoft in 2014. But following the Vanakrai attack in 2017, Microsoft had to drop a patch. It is estimated that one percent of the world’s personal computers still run on Windows XP.

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