World Emoji Day 2021: Use emojis for conversation today! Know their true meaning

Everyone uses emojis. These days it’s a part of everyone’s life. Nothing happens without emoji during the conversation. After all, these emojis are an easy way to express your feelings without words. World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17 every year. Jeremy Burge, founder of London-based Emojipedia, said the day was created in 2014. For the first World Emoji Day, Burge told The Independent that “no such formal plans have been made.” At the same time, it is also said that people today should only use emojis for conversation.

Emojis are used everywhere from WhatsApp to Instagram, from Twitter to Facebook. There are all kinds of emojis, pillows, blankets, glasses, gifts, all kinds of emojis available. Even today people do not understand the meaning of using emojis for years. So let’s get to the real meaning of emojis on World Emoji Day.

A smiling face from the heart

Featuring a pale face with smiling eyes, pink cheeks and many hearts floating around the head, this emoji expresses feelings of happiness and love. You can use it while you are in love.

Dancing twins with black horns
These emojis are used for excitement in a group of girls. Although the true meaning of this emoji is different. Although this horn is actually a rabbit ear design. According to the Japanese concept, bunny girls symbolize sexual attraction and are often used in cosplay.

The appealing face
In this face, it seems that someone is on the verge of weeping, but in reality it means appealing. These are called ‘puppy dog’ eyes. It can mean an indicator of love and worship.

Shooting Star

It is widely used in social media. Users often use this emoji to express their ich. But actually this emoji is not the star, but it can be used when you experience dizziness.

Poop emoji

These emojis are often used in funny conversations. But in fact in Japanese culture, these emojis are used for good luck.

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