World Mosquito Day: Home remedies to prevent itching and burning after mosquito bites

With the change of season, the fear of mosquitoes begins. In such a situation, how many steps should you take to drive the mosquitoes, but the mosquitoes will bite. Mosquitoes that destroy sleep are sometimes very dangerous, and their bites can cause allergies. Many times red rashes are especially caused by mosquito bites. These red marks on the face look even more superfluous. Sometimes it takes more than 6-7 days to get rid of these rashes. In this case, if you have red marks on your face after mosquito bites, you can get rid of them using some home remedies. World Mosquito Day is celebrated around the world today.

Apple vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is used for skin and hair. Also, drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with water can help you lose weight. If you have marks on your face from mosquito bites, then mix and apply half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in three tablespoons of water. The points disappear.

Lemon peel
If the rash is caused by mosquito bites, peel the lemon in that area. This will make your acne marks disappear. There is no itching.

Slice the onion
Apply a slice of onion on the rash caused by mosquito bites. It removes the marks and ends the itching.

Baking soda
Add water to the baking soda and make a pre-mixed solution. Whenever a mosquito bites, bite it. It removes the marks of rashes and also reduces itching.

Aloevera gel
This will remove the problem of mosquito bites on your skin. It also gives a cooling effect on the skin. If the blood is coming from a mosquito bite, it will cure it and remove the problem of burning and itching on the skin.

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