Yaaradi Nee Mohini 18th October 2020 Written Update: Maruthu spot Vennila

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 18th October 2020 Written Update on indiannewslive.com

“Why do you feel sorry for Roshini Vennila?” We have planned a lot but this Swetha plan to marry Muthurasan .. How do we stop it? Don’t worry that Roshini Krishnan will arrive….

Roshini and Vanilla go to the entrance of the hospital .. Vanilla and Roshini spot Maruthu .. They both hide near the Doctor’s room.

The doctor examined him with the new equipment and said that there is a lot of improvement in your eyes. After his speech, Shweta became upset… and thought that he could not marry once he had a vision… the doctor asked Muthurasan to remove the glass… and encouraged him to look at the object.

Muthurasan said that the matter is dim… I am not able to see clearly .. The doctor said do not worry .. You have improved enough .. You will soon get eyesight… Make eye exercises regularly… so you can get better soon…

Vanilla is very happy .. Maruti finds Vanilla everywhere in the hospital .. Vanilla and Roshini hide themselves in bed… Maruti enters the same room .. Both leave the hospital and go to the auto.

From the hospital window .. Maruti noticed that he was running towards the auto .. Roshini urged the auto man to go faster .. Auto went… Vanilla van escaped from the car ..

At home… Shweta was upset .. Nilambari called her and asked her why she was upset .. The doctor said that Muthurasan will get vision in 10-15 days .. If he gets a vision, our plans will be ruined. … And asked why you can’t catch her .. Maruti said I tried to catch her but I missed my hand.

She asked why Nilambari had come there … to see Muthurasan .. No Swetha … I will get an appointment this morning till no one knows … I think she is pregnant. Don’t think too much .. If she’s pregnant, I’ll kill her…

Nilambari persuades her not to think of her .. Your goal is to marry Muthurasan .. Sanctify it .. She is not going to give birth .. You are going to give birth … If this Nobodhri comes ..

Vanilla is dreaming .. Roshini asked what you want to eat… She said I want mango… I want to see Mutturasan .. Vanilla is dreaming again…

The next day .. Karthik came to Muthurasan’s room and asked him to get up. What did Muthurasan say?

With this the serial ends ..