Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra meets Yuvraj and looks at him angrily

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra meets Yuvraj and looks at him angrily

Prisha tells Rudra that she married her with a trick and stole everything from her, now she has snatched everything from him. She holds Yuvraj’s hand and says that she and Yuvraj will live happily without Rudra’s intervention. Rudra Kreis, who remembers marrying Prisha, and her happy moments. , She was proud to be Saransh’s mother, the most selfish and greedy woman she had ever seen in life.

Ahana shouted that Prisha was a selfish and greedy woman from the beginning, she had always warned Rudra against Prisha, now she has snatched everything from him. Balraj says he did not expect this from Prasha, who told him that he would transfer all his wealth to Saransh, why she did it. Rudra asks if she is not supporting Prisha in her project. Balraj says that he is, but didn’t know she was doing this.

Rudra says that if Prisha wants her property and wealth, she can take it and kill him, but he will not let Saransh go away from him. Prisha says she can’t do it. Rudra can, now he marries his sister Mahima. Everyone is shocked when they hear it.

Rudra marries Saransh’s real mother and keeps Saransh with him forever, marrying the same woman who wanted to separate him from Saransh. Mahima tells him what garbage, she will not marry him. He asks if she wants Saransh or not. She says she’s already taken over by Saransh. After 6 months, he proves her insane and takes Saransh back, then she cuts back on her attempt to commit suicide and turns on weepy roads.

She asks if he will warn her. He tells her what he can do, and if she agrees, Saransh will still be with her after 6 months, otherwise she will miss him. She’s back for Saransh and may lose her life but won’t be separated from him, so she’s ready to marry him for Sarans. The shocking faces of everyone were shown again. Prisha holds her. She shouts to stop because this is happening to her. Rudra orders Uraj and Prisha to move aside and exchange the garland and ask Panditji to recite the mantras.

Then he grabs Mahima’s hand and makes the feras. Pandit asks the groom to apply Sindoor to the bride’s forehead. Vanraj does the same, and choosing Mangalstra tells Prisha that she brought this mangasutra for Ihr, but she did not know that she would make him witch cce today. He now fixes it in Mahima’s neck. Panditji’s and Mahima’s marriage is complete and they congratulate him on being husband and wife from here.

GPS enters shouting as Prisha and asks what is all this, why she is with Yuvraj and Mahima Rudra. Mahima says that she is late and cannot do anything. The GPS stand is shocked. Prisha says she should go and walk with Yuvraj.

Bekhaali Me Bhi Tera Hai Khayal Aye… .song .. Play in the background. Rudra recalls her and Prasha’s romantic moments. He removes the garland and walks away. Mahima asks what is going on, how can Prisha steal her entire property and Rudra just wants Saransh.

Rudra meets Yuvraj and looks at him angrily, then both laugh and shake hands. He says he never thought he would thank them for life. Prisha gets out of the car and hugs Rudra emotionally. Serial title song… plays in the background. She apologizes for hurting Rudra. She says she doesn’t have to because all the drama is planned by her. Prisha No

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