Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha enters the Korana house in the morning

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha enters the Korana house in the morning. Rudra asks why she came here. Prisha says she has been summoned and has not come herself. Dr. Dawson said she was a gynecologist when she first started. Sharada says I called Prisha and she is only comfortable with her. Shouting Rudra, he calls her another gynecologist. Sharda says his ego is no bigger than his life. Ahana asks how Prisha can treat her as her license has been revoked and Rudra has canceled it.

Mishka supports her. Prisha says she has renewed her license and Rudra has got it back. He recalls that he had regained his license and that he remembered the incident where he met the Dadi and requested to speak the truth in front of the medical team. After hearing the Dadi, the medical team apologizes to Prisha and returns her license. Prisha walks with Sharada and asks her why she brought her here. Sarada tells her to know the truth as she and Rudra are hiding the truth and Rudra is talking about her last night; She is coming for her check up frequently and may also meet Saransh.

Watching Mahima and feeling that she is still acting like a sass multi / MIL and DIL, they should break up their pair and that is why she should come close to Rudra. While Mahima walks beside Rudra and twists her ankle and is in pain, Rudra is busy explaining to the servants about the Sharada routine. Rudra walks up to her. She requests him to take her to his room. He lifts her up and climbs the stairs.

Misca gets jealous of seeing it. Ahana clicks on the posts and posts on social media with the tagline of the most romantic couple in town to make Prisha jealous. Prisha looks at the photo and calls Rudra and explodes for Mahima’s choice. He scolds with anxiety. She reports that Ahana posted a picture on social media with the tagline of the most romantic couple in town.

Rudra was shocked and Mahima forced her to take her and she went to her room and dressed in a Niti, describing the incident the other day. She shouts how brave he is for another girl to touch her, she’s not his real wife and mahima, she’s getting there right now. . She disconnects Kara and tells me I love you. They say I love you too.

Prisha visits Sharada in the morning and her reports are back and she has a urinary tract infection, she recommends her. Sharda is worried about hearing it. Mahima asks Prisha if she should bring her hot coffee. Prisha says she does not need it and hopes to pour hot coffee on her for touching Rudra. Rudra feels that Prisha kills Mahim for touching her. While traveling in a car towards Noida to meet Arjun, Prisha puts out a rage on her and he becomes romantic.

He reaches the Samuhiq viva / mass wedding venue to meet Arjun, but the organizer does not allow him to say that only the bride-groom can enter. They both enter the venue dressed as the bride-groom and plan to do the same. Mahima switches on the TV to watch the news. Reporters looked at Radura and asked him why he came for Samuhik Viva. Rudra Tension says she came to attend the wedding. Mahima smokes at the reporter who sees it and thinks why did Rudra go to Noida, he lied to her and she needs to find out why he went there.

Noticing the urge to teach her math as before, she prepares to go out in a hurry, but rudely scolds that she has other things to do and walks off with her bag. Saransh thinks what happened to her and calls Rudra, but he is surrounded by reporters. Then he thinks about complaining to Sharada and walks down to see Ahana clashing with Mahima and asks where she is going. Maheema tells her to meet Rudra and says that Rudra called her. Saransh hopes that he will go with her to meet Rudra and complain against her, and when she does not take him, he hides in the car and goes with her.

Preecap: Prisha asks the organizers what Arjun has shown them. She gets tense and hides her face from Ghungat. The organizers push Mahima away, and Prisha’s gunghat is blown away by the air of fans in front of Mahima.

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