Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj reaches the hospital

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj reaches the hospital – Saransh Balraj walks into the room and sees his locker in the cupboard and keeps the money in the locker. He remembers the password, opens the locker and when he sees a lot of money, he gives it to the fake momma and tells her to go from here.

When Balaraj returns he picks up the money and is shocked to see that he is stealing money. Sharda wakes up and asks what Saransh is doing. Balraj says he is stealing money in his own home. Saransh says no. Balaraj angrily walks towards Saransh. Sharda blocks him. Balaraj shouts that Preeta comes first and then her sister, who has already messed up his life and now this cultureless boy, he calls the police and sends the juvenile to jail. Sharda blocks him.

Saransh tries to run away, but Balaraj blocks him, so he escapes through the window and is severely hurt and falls down unconscious. Sharda shouts in shock and tells Prisha to come into Saransh’s room. Prisha asks what happened, walked out with her and is shocked to see Saransh unconscious and blood flowing to her head on the floor. She picked him up and something happened. Sharda recounts the whole incident. Prisha takes her to the hospital, asking for Rudriya to be sent to the hospital.

Sharada walks in and Balaraj asks if Balaraj is fine. Sharda says he fell from a height and was unconscious, so Preeta was taken to the hospital. Mahima walks in and asks what happened to Saransh when they hear their conversation. Ahana says Saransh fell from the 1st floor window. Sharda says … Balraj tried to steal the money and fell from the window after being caught as a red hand.

Mahima shouts how Saransh scolds him and forces him to jump. Balaraj shouts at how brave she is to question him. She tells him she is mentally insane, but he is sane and insists that Saransh be down. He shouts that he made a mistake by letting her in his house. Ahana was right. Sarada asks Prisha to stay alone and go to the hospital. Balaraj shouts that only they have left. Rudra

Prisha Saransh has been taken to hospital and asked to treat her doctors soon. Doctors say his leg, head and back were severely injured and needed immediate surgery, she was aware of the complications. While she is crying, he takes Saransh to the Operation Theater. Vasu is taking GPS to hospital after suffering a heart attack. Doctors tell Vasu that his condition is serious with a major heart attack. Ahana is sleeping at home when Yuvraj calls her. She picks up the call and after a little shouting reveals what Saransh did. Yuvraj was terrified and fell down with Saransh’s thought and if he told everyone about this, he would be in trouble.

Sharada arrives at the hospital with Balraj and Mahima. Doctors come out of the OT and tell Prisha that he has corrected Saransh’s leg fracture, but he needs a blood transfusion due to severe blood loss, his blood is a rare group and is not available in any hospital at this time, so family members must give him blood. They usually match the blood of the mother, who is their mother. Mahima and Prisha say once, then Preeta says she is aunt and mahima mother. Doctors check their blood group and say their blood doesn’t match. Prisha says she will call Saransh’s father Rudra and try his number, but can’t reach his phone. She stands more tense.

Precape: Yuvraj reaches the hospital, Saransh reveals the truth, he is in trouble. He tells Prisha and family that Saransh stole the money to give to Mahim and send her out of her life.

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