Yeh Hain Chahtein 5 December 2020 Written Update : Balaraj and Ahana were discussing Mahima

Yeh Hain Chahtein 5 December 2020 Written Update : Balaraj and Ahana were discussing Mahima. Ahana was suggesting that Balraj evict Mahim as soon as possible. Ahana said our reputation would be jeopardized if something happened in the future. Balaraj requested Ahana to convince Rudkraksh about Mahima. GPS sits quietly on the back. Sharda scolded him for not bringing Saransh. Saransh came back to a room and was sad after hearing the talk of Rudkraksh and Prisha.

Saransh wrote the letter and laid it on the table. Saransh packed his bag and left the house. He was delighted to see Yuvraj walking across Saransh and walking alone on the road. Yuvraj asked him to sit on a chair and asked why he came home alone. Yuvraj thought to take advantage of the situation and manipulated Rudkraksh. Prishaga came to Mahima and started to cry. Suddenly she noticed the paper on the desk and read Saransh laid on the table.

Yuvraj gave him his favorite ice cream and asked about the situation in his house. Yuvraj said his elderly mother would move out of the house and suggested staying with the new mother. Saransh’s friend came to meet him and found out that Saransh is now living with his stepmother and is weird. Crying Rudkraksh went and told her about Saransh’s escape.

Prisha called Sharda and asked about Saransh, but she realized Saransh had not reached there. Rudkraksh blamed Prasha and went to find him. Rudraksh came out and scolded the security guards for lying down and Saransh did not notice when leaving the house. Yuvraj persuaded Saransh to take him back to Khurana home. Yuvraj thought he would go in and defeat Rudkraksh, so he decided to leave Saransh at the main gate.

Saransh came back, and Sharda hugged him and asked why he had done so. Sharda informed Prisha about his arrival. Rudkraksh and Prisha hugged him back. Saransh is tired and he wants to sleep with someone, not with anyone. Rudkraksh accepted his demand and took it to the top. Saransh woke up remembering Yuvraj’s words. Saransh thought about giving Mahima a lot of money for leaving her family alone.

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