Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 11 November 2020 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Roshni and Aman walk into the darkened room and look for Arman and Tabiji. He finds Shayari and Rehan laughing and asks where Tabiji and Arman are. Shayari says that Tabiji took Arman. Aman asks why they are laughing. They say Tabezi spread the laughing gas on them and set the timer, they die before the timer slips into the sand.

Tabiji feels that Rehan and Shayri can stop laughing if they want and will not tell them about it. Aman tells Roshni that Rehan and Shayri must be separated before they can stop their laughs.

Roshni takes Shayari and Aman Rehan. She tries to make Shayri angry by asking her to remember how Rehan got engaged to her without permission and how he was behind Natasha. Aman repeatedly punches Rehan and hurts to stop his laugh. Rehan stops laughing in pain and says he should have enjoyed hitting him.

Aman hadn’t said it before but now he feels like smiling. Roshni asks Shayri to try her best and control her laugh. Shayari stops. Aman says they stopped laughing because of Roshni and Shayari. Shayri asks Roshni if ​​he has informed Aman about his decision. Roshni asks her to make her decision first. Rehan walks with Aman and says that Tabiji should have taken Arman to his house. Tabbiji emerges on the screen.

Roshni pleads with Arman to return him. Shayri asks to return his angel’s heart first. Aman says ionas are not selfish, but Tabiji is selfish. Tabiji says she will change. Roshni says that Arman is also Ayana and Ayana cannot kill another Ayana. Tabiji says he knows and can kill him with someone else. Roshni pleads not to do that. Tabiji asks her to return her angelic heart.

They return home, and Roshni cries for Arman while the family tries to appease her. Aman says Tabiji needs an angelic heart to escape the deaths of Arman, Shayari and Rehan, who was unable to protect Armaan. Roshni has always protected her and says he is the best husband. The nurse says that only Roshni can think this way and that Angel’s heart is bright because of Roshni.

Aman says he will soon get a small Roshni. Roshni asks how he can think of his girl. He says his instincts are telling. Roshni asks if he loves her so much. They say yes. She tells him to leave her at night in the golden sun. Ammi says Tabiji cannot give Angel an heart. Roshni says that Arman needs to be saved. Dadi asks her to think about the baby inside her.

She has already spoken to Shayari to look after the child, she says she cannot beat Tabiji and this is the only way. She asks Shayari whether she will give birth to a baby through her womb. Shayari stands silent. Roshni says that if she doesn’t agree, she’ll find someone else; She wanted everyone to support her decision, even if they did not support her, her decision would not change.

No matter what she tries, Tabiji thinks, she will always escape anyway; Even though their weakness is with Arman, they are not weak and endanger Aman and Roshni, so before they can harm her, she must do something. She must change time and call today a golden sunny night.

She looks at the gold dust of the last golden sun and hopes that it will help bring in the golden sunny night. She sprinkles dust on the flower and heats the iron rod in her hand. Watching the sky after Shen repeatedly calls the golden sun. The golden sun emerges, and she smiles.

Precap: Tabizi’s evil Jin kills Aman and his entire family.

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