Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav asks Kartik to come on a horse and take Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav asks Kartik to come on a horse and take Naira

Devayani and Bhabima are asking Nax to save their family. Nothing says now, this witch ordeal will happen, Nax says. Kirti heard this and cried. Bhabhima says make my last attempt. Kudos I’m telling you Naira, Naxwich wants orchestration, we’ve been separated for a long time, this Witch Orce is just formal formalism. She’s gone. Nax is saddened by this. Kartik says we should not lose hope until newspapers get stamped.

Naira says yes. You say fame, they say take the nax. Kartik Naksh says, we get many signs from the Lord, you believe it, I had to believe it. Naira says that the signs came to us that day, the whole universe tried to help us, we have to look at it with a heart’s eye, think again. Kartik Naksha says, we can feel that there is still something in your relationship.

Naira says that you both stood together to fight Aditya. Don’t tell Kartik, Naira and I didn’t share anything, nobody told us. Keerthi says Nax Devayani and Bhabima have told him that there will be a witchcraft. Naksh says it was her fault, but it was also her decision. Kudos says late. Nax says nothing is better now.

They reach the court. Karthik and Naira recall their Witch. Ab Koi As… .. Play…. Naira says don’t go to fame. There is still time, as Kartik says, if you refuse, even fame wants it. Naira says you can be sorry for all life. Naksh and Kirti look at each other. They go ahead and stop. Kartik says we too stood there and moved on. Naira says we cannot prevent this mistake. Kartik says I’m sad. They cry and hug. Nax and fame go back. Naira asks Nax. He hugs her. Keerthi hugs Kartik and cries. Cried Krish.

Everybody is sad. Karthik and Naira come. Krish asks my mum and dad. Naira says pack your bags. Manish asks why. Kartik says he is going to his house. Manish says Krish will stay where the fame is. Kartik says yes, Nax is calling him. Naira says Keerthi wants it too.

Manish asks if you are crazy. Kartik says parents and child need each other. They see Nax and Kirti come home laughing. Everyone laughs. Nax says he came to pick up his son and wife. Karthik says he did not take the Witch. Krish hugs and embraces fame. Everyone laughs. The kids dance.

Everybody embraces nukes and fame. Nax video calling. Devayani and Bhabima cried with joy. Yeh Rishta Ka… .Place…. Thank you Nanny Lord. Suvarna says that tomorrow will be his carvachat. The nurse says that this day strengthens the husband-wife relationship, I want all couples to celebrate it. Krrish asks what Carvacouth is. Naira says it’s like a feast. Kartik says you should pray for speed and the longevity of the partners. Kairav ​​says I will also fast. Kartik asks who your GF is.

Kairav ​​says I am fast for the family to keep everyone safe. Krishna says I also fast. The nurse says she will always do what Kairav ​​wants. I keep it, but Wansh says I have fruits and milk. Naira says there is no need, the Lord is already happy with all of you. Kairav ​​is great, we make it special for you, I’ll tell it to my brothers and sisters. Everyone laughs.

In its morning, Karthik wakes up and looks at Naira. He congratulates her. She giggles her net sari. He looks at her face and tells her that I must wait all night for this moon. He grabs her close and greets her nice carvacouth. She says the same to you. They say something must be special. She says yes, Kairav ​​is special. Naira asks who is feeding us today. Children get food. Everyone laughs.

The nurse says they wanted to do this, I told them that it was tough to wake them up, but I promised I would take their help. Suvarna asks if he has done all this. Kairav ​​says yes. Vansh says that Krishna cut the fruit. The nurse says I have done kachari. Thank you Naira children. She says she needs to do all of this. Why not Kairav

Zhu asks, we like it. Vansh asks if he needs food. Kairav ​​says drink more water. Krishna says filling your stomach with water like a camel. Kartik, Naira and other ladies eat food. Kairav ​​makes smiles at the concerts.

Manish says I don’t think our collection goes beyond Diwali, Kartik has kept fast. Akhilesh is fast every year, you can tell us the job. Karthik looks at Manish and asks what bothers you. Manish says I got a mail about Diwali campaign. Kartik says I am managing it.

You have to bear the losses, you have to go to the office and discuss with the team, if you go fast how do you focus, what is necessary, ”says Manish. Kartik says my love for Naira. Manish says that as long as there is family, there will be love, the family needs business. Kartik says I have not forgotten it. He goes to appease the character.

Precap: Kairav ​​asks Karthik to get on a horse and take Naira. Kartik has stated his decision. Kartik gets a horse cart. The nurse asks Naira to call Kartik and ask him where he is.