Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Roshni tells Tabeezi that she is ready to accompany her

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Roshni tells Tabeezi that she is ready to accompany her

Roshni looks at the sudden darkness and falls down unconscious looking at the golden sun. The family walks up to her and freezes. Tabiji says he did not listen to her and wasted no time. She tells Aman about the golden sunshine they all have been waiting for. She reminds Aman that she has challenged revenge, but cannot move now.

She does not want to kill Roshni, but can abandon her angelic heart and the moment she has been waiting for for ages; Roshni is her niece and makes sure she doesn’t feel pain when she dies. She picks up Angel’s heart from Roshni and disappears. The family returns to normal and rushes to Roshni. He tries to wake her up in vain. The nanny says her golden sun is the night. Tabiji goes back and says that Roshni is dead. Ammi appeals to revive Roshni as she has already received her angelic heart.

Tabiji cannot hear his cry, he says that they fought many battles together and are now ready to die. She bites her fingers, and the evil gins appear and search for her order. Tabiji orders them all to be killed. Aman asks Rehan to take the family from here and fails to use his magic. Tabiji says his magic doesn’t work in the night of the golden sun. The Nets fall on the family, and Aman tries to free them in vain.

McDee Jin says he can’t break his trap and die in 10 seconds. She reverses the count until 10 and the family is dead. Aman begs the nurse to open her eyes. Midget Jin stabbed Rehan and Shayari and they both laughed at each other and died. Aman rushes towards them. Tabiji stabbed Aman from behind and walked away. Aman also falls down, creeping up to Roshni, looking at her face and grabbing her hand. The title track of the serial plays in the background.

Roshni is awakened from sleep by worrying about this nightmare. The family rushes to her and asks if she is fine. She asks if they are all fine. He says he was fine, but what happened to her, she fell unconscious. Roshni sees her ring missing and that means that Amy wants to show her something. Aman asks what she saw. Roshni says that Tabiji has killed them all, she has said that Tabiji does not deserve the angel’s heart, so she will not give it to her.

The family rejoices when they hear it and asks what she does. Roshni asks Shayri to help her as she cannot risk her child. Shayari says she is ready to give birth to her baby. She ties a string to their wrists and tells them to move the baby from Roshni’s womb to her womb. She succeeds in doing so. A smoke suddenly appears and they are moved into the woods.

Precap: Roshni tells Tabiji to come with her. Tabiji says he has no choice. Roshni emotionally embraces Aman.

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