Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Dadi and Suvarna talk about their temple visit

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Dadi and Suvarna talk about their temple visit

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The episode begins with Kartik leaving Naira with Aksu to explain Naksha. He wishes her well. Krish asks me what I will call, I cannot call Aditya home. The kids say the family won’t let us go out. Dadi and Suvarna talk about their temple visit. Children come up with a treat. He asks Krish to call him.

Kairav ​​and Vansh go to Dadi and ask him to take them to the temple, they play there. The nurse asks if Krishna will get there. Suvarna says that Kairav ​​plays at home, yes we are friends. The nurse says let’s come, its good, come ready. Krish speaks with Aditya. He signs Kairav. Krrish keeps the phone. The paper also falls there. Naira takes the keys. She avoids the paper.

Gayu asks if you are going to the temple, the children are gone with the golden and the nanny. Naira says Karthik and I have some work to do, we will come sometime. She was leaving. The children clap their hands and walk into the temple. The nurse asks them to stay in one place. Golden gives them coins. The nurse asks to see them. I know if the coin gets stuck, then Krishna says the wish is fulfilled.

Try to make a wish there golden, don’t talk to strangers and eat nothing. Krrish and all the children wish. Krish Wow says, Lord gave me hope, now mum and dad won’t get witch ceded. Kairav ​​says we have the same desire, do you recognize that uncle. Krish says yes, but golden and nanny are here.

The nanny calls the children. Children are worried. Kartik says I think about your ego. The fame now has no self-respect left, its over. Naira asks Naksh how can you say its over. Keerthi says that both of you are hurting me. Naira says you have pain because you have feelings for each other. Kartik says I made a mistake and realized it. Naira says the matter slipped out of hand. Kartik says you should save the marriage.

Devayani asks Naira to speak with fame. Bhabhima says Nax should take a step back. Nax says this is the problem, I don’t want to take any step. Kartik says something remains. Naira says we’ve seen something like that during Ram Leela. Nax says we are just Krish’s parents. Kartik says it will then. Keerthi says that it is not possible, maybe in my luck I have no husband, first Aditya and now….

Aditya comes to the temple and thinks Krish gave me a good chance, I will take advantage of it. Everybody prays. Krishna says the nanny’s eyes are closed, go fast, I’ll be here. As the fame says it is not about doubt, it is about faith, Nax is not believing in me, we are talking to each other, we can stop looking at each other’s faces if we are forced together. Aditya Witch .He asks. Krrish says yes, you are the reason.

Aditya says no. Krish asks why you came between my mum and dad. Make them friendly, Kairav ​​says. Aditya says you don’t understand children, did your mum and dad tell you who I am? Aditya thinks I can tell him anything and use it. Kairav ​​says we want to end the problem. Aditya says we will go to my house and make a plan to end your parents problem. Your relationship and your faith were weak, it was broken, Witch.

Why did you hide about suffering? Nax says you are pregnant. Naira says you didn’t think of Krrish. Nax says I thought of him. Naira argues. Naksh says Krish is my son, I am his father. She then says Dad and the show. Kairav ​​says we don’t go with strangers. Aditya says I am no stranger. Kairav ​​says we will not come. Wansh says the nanny comes looking for us. Suvarna smiles at Krishna.

Nax says I will not tolerate the name of my son who is having an affair with a cheap guy, he is my son, I am fighting for his custody. Naira says it’s easy to make claims, it’s hard to leave the rights, you remember the drama you played at our school in Cape Town, two moms fight a baby, a real mum feels bad and leaves her right on the baby, you and the fame even split Krrish. Aditya says I will show fame and my pictures, I am no stranger. Kairav ​​says we will not come. Aditya Krish says, we have a special bond, I came to meet at Krish’s school, because he does not want to know.

Naksh says that ask Krish for the fame. When Karthik and I fought for Kairav’s custody, he asked the court to grant Kairav’s custody to me, saying that he wanted Kairav’s happiness. I also want Krish’s happiness. Kirti realizes her mistake, now you are adamant, you are wrong, Naira says I am not with you. Devayani asks what you are saying, Naksha always supports you.

I am not here to advocate fame, I want to save their marriage, ”says Naira. Nax says I will take my son, go to your inputs and tell him that I am enough. They say you are lonely and Krrish also gets loneliness. He says as long as I’m alive, he’s not alone, I’m going to a lawyer now. He walks away. Naira starts crying.

Wansh says I don’t like this uncle. Kairav ​​says don’t meet Krish again, otherwise we will complain to the police. Aditya says you really went on your mum. He says Krish, you are sensitive, will you come with me. Naira gets a Kartik call. He says I don’t think it went well. Naira says no, I said bitter things to hurt Naksh and convince him, but he did not listen.

Karthik says don’t feel bad about this, do not lose courage, I am going out to the temple, I will meet you there. Kairav ​​says Krish does not come. Aditya is fine, we can sit and talk somewhere, why don’t we sit in the nearby ice cream parlor. Kairav ​​remembers Naira’s words. He’s not there, Krrish.

Precap: Kartik asks where the children are. The nurse says we are looking for them too. Kairav, Vansh and Krish fight Aditya and push him down the stairs.