Yes, Hulia activist – Rajahuli has left

Belgaum: People calling me Hulia. However, former CM Siddaramaiah sarcastically claimed that Yeddyurappa was called Rajahuli by his party.

Speaking at the inauguration of the newly constructed Congress Bhavan in the city, Siddaramaiah said that DK Sivakumar was more interested in Belgaum than non-presidents. One of the activists said yes. Responding to the words of the activist, he went on to say that ours is a shambles and now laughs at Rajahuli Kanriya. Then people calling me Hulia Anta. Rajahuli Anta’s call to Yeddyurappa was slammed by his party.

The Congress Party and Belgaum have a very casual relationship. In Belagavi there is now a slight setback for the Congress. Belgaum did not go to divide the district as MES had. Fifteen seats should be won in the next assembly election. The BJP did not have the blessings of the people in the 2018 elections. Congress has won 80 seats, but we have the most votes. When Andrew Yeddyurappa became CM, the governor called and the CM could not show a majority. Then resigned. But again, an MLA has to pay Rs. Did not give up. Yeddyurappa did not come to power to do good for the state, criticizing the plunder.

Yeddyurappa, who is not as corrupt as you, said to leave power. There has never been such a bad, corrupt government in my political life. Siddaramaiah is criticizing Yeddyurappa. But the BJP is not in a position to pay salaries when it comes to power. We are not saying this to come to power.

Ten years ago the state economy was gone. The longer we are in power, the more it takes three years to heal. All the best we have been given by Thinnappa Nungappa. When Yeddyurappa came to power, he has been borrowing ninety thousand crores this year. “We will borrow fifty thousand crores in the budget,” he said. But now they are borrowing ninety thousand crores. Tell yourself that he has to be in power. You have to go to the village by now and tell them what’s going on. The Congress Party will come to power by 2023. Siddaramaiah called on Congress workers to become election warriors.


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