2020 Iraq – Ketu shift: Libra

Libra readers who can easily earn a good name for everyone according to “Libra is everywhere”! You are the one who does not fail. Fighting. One who wants to try and succeed in anything.

Rahu Ashtama, who was in the position of Bhakti, changes to the position of life and Ketu, who was in the position of brave hero, changes to the position of family.

Benefits: You will achieve your goals in this shift. There are many good ways to increase income. Financial crises do not occur. Your speech will have value in the family and in the outside world. You will respect the law as always. This will create a positive upward connection for some loved ones. Auspicious events like weddings take place at home.

You will gradually progress towards the pinnacle of fame in the field you depend on. Whereas it becomes a shift to work hard. You get the cooperation of friends without exaggerating their grievances. One by one the diseases in the body begin to disappear. Increase the inclination towards spirituality. You will think and act on anything.

You will see the benefits of adapting processes to the situation. You will win races and competitions. There are bright prospects for good returns through sectors such as speculation. The stress of parenting will be resolved, and the family will be happier.

You will also meet people of many ranks. This will make you famous too. You will do whatever help is needed for those who seek you out. At the same time you will sometimes get frustrated as there is a possibility of slight fluctuations in your economic plans. The economic downturn, however, was not.

Your friends may talk about things you don’t need except what you need. So without exemplifying anyone, express your uniqueness and take action. He will bring new changes in your life. Unnecessary worries will leave your mind. You also make friends with enemies because of your attitude. You will happily chat with your friends living abroad. So there will be some gains. Some people have the urge to buy a new home or vehicle.

Officers will get their work done right. At the same time sometimes the courage in the mind decreases for no reason. Colleagues will be helpful to you during these times. Benefit from travel related to office work. Cash flow will not decrease. Your self-confidence will rise. You will be overwhelmed with joy at the unexpected promotion.

Merchants get a decent profit for their efforts. The difficulties in giving and buying will be reduced. You will eventually succeed in all endeavors despite obstacles. To impress customers, you will lay out new projects. Take care not to expand the business but increase the debt burden. Leave it to the allies and walk away.

The name and fame of politicians will increase. You will be appreciated by the party top. Volunteer support will keep you motivated. You will also get new responsibilities in the party. You will finish them neatly. Opposition parties will also appreciate your efforts to benefit the people. You will be excited by the new trips.

Cash flow will continue to be steady despite the lack of new opportunities for the arts. Fan support will also be overwhelming. You will retain fame for your talent. Your imagination will multiply like a fountain. It will also benefit from the change in income.

Husbands’ love and affection for women is overwhelming. You will enjoy spiritual tourism and pleasure tourism. Lots of unity in the family. Happiness comes from children too. Your influence on the outside world will rise.

Students will receive marks commensurate with their work. Students who work hard will achieve. Rise may decrease as labor decreases. But parental support will keep you motivated. You will also be involved in outdoor sports and shoot for success.

Picture – 3, 4:

The information expected by this shift will come as good information. The options are handy. Respect and status among friends will rise. It is good to minimize anger when talking to others. There will be cash flow.

Expected things may take a while to happen. The industry will see improvement in business. There will be a positive trend in what needs to be done by the government. Get the expected cash assistance. Those in office will act with confidence and succeed. Support from top officials is also available.


This shift will lead to an interesting situation in the family. Husband and wife may be happy. It is heartening to see children behaving as you say.

Those who have been separated will seek you out again. Relaxation is beneficial. Cash flow is satisfying. Expected information will come. Be careful with the neighborhood

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