50 lakhs if attacked. Congress outrage as cash-strapped, political hesitant – Indian News Live

BENGALURU: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Monday raided 14 places belonging to KPCC president DK Sivakumar and his cousin DK Suresh, seizing nearly Rs 50 lakh during a search operation. The phone and internet of the Dikeshi residence has been disconnected.

The mobile phones of Dikshivakumar and his family were seized in the wake of the attack. CBI officials have taken all possible measures to avoid contacting anyone else. CBI officials continued the inspection and seized nearly Rs 50 lakh. There is information that the Dikeshi house as well as the car has been inspected.

CBI officials are conducting an intensive investigation into 14 attacks in Ramanagar, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Earlier, the Directorate of Police (DGS) had raided DK Sivakumar’s house and arrested him and sent him to jail.

Responding to this, KPCC spokesperson Suraj Aras said that he was preparing to hold a meeting on the upcoming polls in Shivakumar’s home in Sadashivanagar, Bangalore, in connection with the upcoming bypolls of Shira and RR cities. He said CBI officials had carried out the attack.

It is learned that more than 60 officers have been searched for 14 search warrants.

Several Congress leaders, including Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah, have denounced the attack on the Congress president’s residence on the by-election.

Randeep Singh Surjewala tweeted, “The CBI, ED and Income Tax Departments are looming over the BJP government.” Modi and BS Yeddyurappa are tinkering with CBI officials as their puppets. If DK Shivakumar thinks that his purpose is to fulfill his purpose by attacking the house, it is illusory.

The by-election of the RR Nagar and Shira constituencies will be held on November 3, which is a political coincidence as the CBI has attacked. Meanwhile, young Congress activists are protesting against the CBI attack in front of DK Sivakumar’s house in Sadashivanagar, Bangalore and in front of the Congress office at Queen’s Road.

There was a heated conversation between party workers and the police.

Background of the attack: The CBI has registered a corruption case against 58-year-old Shivakumar based on information provided by the Directorate of Enforcement in connection with the probe into the money laundering case. Sivakumar was arrested by the Income Tax Department in September last year after a probe of Rs.

Last year, the Directorate of Investigation arrested four persons in an illegal money laundering case after four days of investigation. After the investigation was completed, the illicit property had gone up to Rs 11 crore. In 2018, the Directorate of Enforcement Directorate filed an illegal money laundering case against Shivakumar based on a charge sheet filed by the Income Tax Department.

During this hearing last year, the Directorate of Enforcement had transferred some cases to the CBI. This is the first time the CBI has registered a case against Sivakumar.


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