Aaj Ka Panchang: Panchang 22 August 2020, know today’s auspicious time and Rahu period

Panchang 22 August 2020: Today is the fourth date of the month of Bhadrapada. Surya is in Leo and the Moon is in Virgo. The constellation of Sun is Magha Nakshatra.

If you want to do some auspicious work in auspicious time (Shubh Mahurat), then through daily panchang, you can know auspicious time.

Here we will tell you what is the auspicious time and Rahu period. Along with this, we will also tell the movement of nectar and planets. Know today’s Almanac.

Today is 22 August 2020, Bhadra, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Saturday.

2077 Vikram Samvat Chaturthi Tithi is the month of Bhadrapada Purnimantaka.

Moon will be in Hast Nakshatra till 21:29.

After that there will be entry in Chitra Nakshatra. Vikram Samvat Pramathi 2077 and Gujarati Samvat 2086 are opposites. Surya is in Leo and the Moon is in Virgo.

The constellation of Sun is Magha Nakshatra. Dakshinayan is the Sun. Dinamon is 12:59:07 and Ratriman is 11:01:23.
Today, Abhijeet Muhurta is from 11:58 am to 12:50 pm.
Amrit Kaal is from 13:46 to 15:13.
Ravi Yoga is from 5:54 to 19:11.
Vijay Muhurta is from 14:34 to 15:25.
Rahu period is from 9:09 am to 10:46 pm.
The loss totals are from 5:54 am to 7:31 pm.
Sunrise is at 5:54 am and sunset at 18:53 pm.

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