Airtag from Purple iPhone 12, new Apple products started selling in India, price is known

Apple has started selling its recently launched products in India. Indian users can now purchase purple variants of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini and the company’s cheapest product, Airtag. Apple released these at a recent Spring Loaded event. With this, the company has begun taking pre-orders for the iPad Pro (2021), iMac (2021), and the new Apple TV 4K. Let us know the details regarding pricing and availability

Purple Color iPhone 12 and 12 Mini Price In India

The Purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are priced similar to the regular variants of India. The Purple iPhone 12 starts at Rs 79,900. This price is a 64GB storage variant. The phone’s 128GB model costs Rs 84,900. And the 256GB model is priced at Rs 94,900. Similarly, the Purple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB is priced at Rs 69,900, the 128GB and 256GB models are priced at Rs 74,900 and Rs 84,900.

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Airtag Price in India

The price of Airtag in India is Rs. However, it would cost Rs 10,900 to take 4 units together. Tell us about the Apple Airtag Bluetooth Tracker so you can track any of your precious faces. You can apply it on your phone or in your purse. Like the new iPhone, the device can be found in Apple’s online stores or in official Apple retail stores.

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Pre-order for the new iPad Pro, iMac and Apple TV 4K

Apple has launched pre-orders for iPad Pro (2021), iMac (2021) and Apple TV 4K (2021) in India. Customers can pre-order through the Apple Online Store and Apple’s official resale store. However, these devices will be available for purchase in the second half of May.