Anupamma 17 October : Anirudh wants to marry Kavya

At the beginning of the serial, Vanaraj prepares to marry Anupama. While waiting for him in the poetry temple. Pandit ji says he can no longer wait because he has done too much and the wedding Muhart is also gone. Kavya tries to stop Panditji, but he does not stop. She then receives a note from Vanaraj, in which he says that he cannot marry a poet today, but he assures her that he will come to wherever poetry is tomorrow. When Kavya learns that Vanyaraj cannot attend the wedding, she is shocked, and she falls into a state of unconsciousness. But at the same time, Anirudh gets there and performs poetry. Poetry takes a look at Moore. Anirudh is horrified to see Kavya’s condition.

Vanraj is brought to the pavilion; He checks the phone again and again. Anupama is also brought to the pavilion. There is a happy atmosphere at home. Anupama first sees Vanaraj’s face through the tray and then looks at him, glancing at him and putting on a black tika. Everybody teases Anupama. The wedding ceremony begins.

Anirudh tries to develop poetry. Kavya regains her senses and questions whether Nandani sent him here. There, thank God Anupama because everything in Anupama’s life is good. Rakhi wonders why Kavya and Nandani haven’t come yet. Then comes Nandani. She asks about poetry. She replies that perhaps she is stuck in something else. Anirudh tries to convince Kavya that what she was trying to do was wrong. He tells Kavya that if she wants, he can get married and start a new life.

Anupama’s mother does the ritual of the wedding ceremony. Leela tells Rakhi to learn all this. Rakhi says, yes. Nandini is happy to know that Kavya is not good at getting there. Paritosh asks about poetry. Nandani says she stays in the temple. Anupama and Vanaraj worship. Ignoring the words of Kavya Anirudh, today she decides whether she needs Kavya or Anupama in Vanaraj’s life. End of issue.