Bigg Boss 14: Alli Goni, Kavya Punjabi Mocking Pavtira-Aijaz Fight, Call It Hindi Film Ka Spoof – TV

The latest installment of Bigg Boss 14 was as dramatic as it gets. Three seniors – Hina Khan, Siddharth Shukla and Gauhar Khan – exit the house, expel Shehzad Deol, people in PPE kits enter the house and, later, competitors Pavitra Punia and Aijaz Khan. The ‘red zone’. Now, model Ali Goni and former contestant Kamya Punjabi have commented on the Pavithra-Aijaz confrontation.

Aijaz and Pavitra were appointed as ‘compellers’ (supervisors) for one task. It was during this act that the tension increased and the two had a dirty spit. Ali, who frequently tweets about the show, especially his good friend Jasmine Bhasin, has tweeted: “Yar Ye Pavitur Ejaz, Surf Mujee Lagta Hai Ki acting Kar Rahe Hai Ya Sub Ko Isa Hai Lagta Hai? Aisa log raha hai kisi hindi movie ka spoof chal raha hai (Aizaz and Pavithra speak, is it just me or do others think these guys are acting? It looks like some Hindi movie fraud). ”

Many of his fans who watch the show have commented on this post. One user joked: “I thought they were going to kiss any moment.” Another wrote: “Sirf pretended he was Bhee Kar Rahe Hai (not just acting, he was also ate too much.)”

Just last week, viewers can recall how Pavithra was uniting up to Eajaz. She was mocking him – kissing his cheek and hugging him. Rubina was talking about her feelings with Dilek. She said: “I tried to reach him because I thought he was a good person. I thought he would understand me. I thought we had that connection. I was good to him. But love must work either way, it is not a one way traffic. I felt an emotional connection with him because I saw that loneliness with him somewhere. I don’t want to lose him. ”

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Kama responded in the fight. He wrote on Twitter: “ijaz n pravitra itna que sadd rahe hai? Y log bhi toh dusro ko nikalne k liye hai task kar rahe the na .. bhajan toh nahi karne khade #RedZone olColorsTV # BB14 (Why is Eajaz and Pavithra behaving like this?” All the contestants are doing the work of outshining others, not Hadi Bhajan). ”

While Ally enthusiastically supported Jasmine, Kama is known for Rubina’s loyalty. He tweeted in support of Siddharth Shukla, who has often drawn adverse reactions to his aggressive stance as a contestant on Bigg Boss 13 and as a ‘Senior’ in Bigg Boss 14.

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