Bigg Boss 14 October 19 Weekend Ka Vaar Synopsis

The long-awaited issue of Weekend Ka War Here and all the contestants give their best looks to welcome the dress and host Salman Khan. This was a bit different since Rubina Dilek did not have enough clothes to wear during the Weekend episode. Rubina is very upset and she refuses to be part of the weekend episode. Even before Salman Khan enters, the contestants are given the task of making Nikki and Rubina stand out against each other, and the other contestants have to say who has the most trash in their heads. Rubina is offended and refuses to participate in the task and questions Bigg Boss for giving him this instinct. Bigg Boss 14 October 17th Episode: Rahul and John’s Sing-Off, Hina Rubina as the winner – 5 highlights of BB14.

Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka War Synopsis: Rubina Dilek and Salman Khan in Odds, this weekend’s elimination in the hands of Freshers

The other competitors in the house try to understand that this is just a job and she should do it with a good attitude but Rubina refuses to bow down. When Salman Khan enters ME TV to meet the contestants, he takes it with Rubina. He listens to Rubina for questioning Bigg Boss’s choice of actions. Rubina expresses her concern to Salman. However, Salman tries to explain to her that this is a game and she has to adapt to all the tasks and challenges thrown at her in the game. Rubina argues again and Salman finally loses her composure and is asked to decide whether or not she should be in this game. Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka War Preview: Salman Khan asks Rubina Dilek to pack his bags and leave.

Then each competitor is placed in a daze and fellow competitors have to ask for justification. Jasmine is accused of threatening Aizaz when he enters Kathagar, performing the task and crossing the border. Ijaz justifies his task by saying that winning this task is his mental strategy.

Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka War Preview: Salman Khan asks Rubina Dilek to pack his bags and leave

Salman then introduces a twist in the serial where he declares that the newcomers must decide between themselves and name a contestant who is not eligible to be in the Bigg Boss house. Who will be leaving the Bigg Boss house this weekend?