Bigg Boss 14: Sara Gurpal feels Sidharth Shukla is ‘disgracing himself’ by supporting Nikki Tamboli – tv

Sarah Gurpal, the first contestant to be ousted by Bigg Boss 14, feels that ‘senior’ Sidharth Shukla is ‘disgracing herself’ by supporting Nikki Tamboli. He was commenting on the allegation that Sidharth was biased towards Nikki.

Prior to this, Sarah blamed Siddharth for exposing her from the show and said that the decision to expel had to be left to the audience. In a video shared on Instagram, he said his departure was ‘unfair’.

In a new interview, Sarah Sidharth claims to be giving Nikki the preferred treatment. “I’m not saying he’s biased towards Nikki, but you know how it is. Sometimes people like someone when they have the same temper.” Told the Times of India.

“Nikki takes a stand on illogical things, so people think she’s at least taking a stand. For me, when someone talks about real issues, that person is right for me. Anyone who prefers her shadow over other people’s underwear or basic needs, is wrong. But Sidharth. If Shukla feels it is okay to take a stand on illogical matters, that is her personal choice. If he likes her and takes her, it is entirely up to her parents to know that he / she is wrong. By supporting Nikki and making such decisions, I am ashamed of her. Think, ”he said.

Sarah was blindfolded when Nikki’s acrylic claws scratched her during an act of Bigg Boss 14. She is currently being treated.

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On Friday, Sarah shared the video on Instagram, thanks to crowd support. “I want to tell everyone that I returned with the same dignity that I entered into Bigg Boss 14. The audience has given me a lot of love. After coming back, I look at everything and I am in a rush,” he said in a mix of Punjabi, Hindi and English.

“You know what was wrong with me. If the audience has to pull me out, they may not like my personality and I think I should change it or whatever, but the nation liked my personality. Even after that, if it happens because of a person, it is completely unfair. From tasks to homework, I have done everything and I am really proud of it. Hina (Khan) and Gauhar (Khan) were also against it and I don’t want to leave, ”he said