Naagin 5, 16 January 2021 Bani aka Surbhi Chandna kills Pawan, Balwant’s younger brother

Naagin 5, 16 January 2021 Bani aka Surbhi Chandna kills Pawan, Balwant’s younger brother

Since the entry of Arjit Taneja, it is not clear whether he has come as Bani’s new enemy or well-wisher. Tonight he is known as Angel, who has entered to remind Bani something. Yes, the egoous man has revealed his true identity and said that he is from heaven and that he is the angel aka Pharaoh. Bani learns of this when Veer and her family part ways in where Angel arrives. The family and some of Veer’s close friends gathered at his place to celebrate the joy as Veer finally remembered his lost power. Angel arrives at the party to add a little spice. Every person who attends the party will tell you that he is not an angel.

People start discussing it, which shocks Bani. She confronts a mysterious erious person about it, saying she doesn’t need to hide this information. Later, Angel shows his magic power by disappearing into the memories of the people and it all really worked out because they forgot what they were talking about. Bani will be more astonished. She asks him why he came into his life. Angel replies that since she has lost track completely, he has come to remind her of the purpose for which she was sent to Earth.

Angel says that because Ichadhari was a female serpent, she had to kill her rivals but instead, she befriended them and forgot the reason for her existence. He will calmly listen to Bani’s advice. In tonight’s episode, it is shown that Shiva descends to earth in the form of a saint and tries to help Bani get answers to some of the unanswered questions.

Angel Veer tries to end his life. Bani senses her purpose and tries to save her husband’s life. This makes Angell angry and he tries to get revenge on Bani. What’s ahead, will only be revealed in today’s episode of Nagin 5.

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