Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 8 January 2021 Voting Results Finale Week Task

Tamil Television’s highest grossing TRP reality show is set to air tonight with plenty of twists and turns, making it fun and entertaining, with its unique storyline and concept. The tremendous and brilliantly controversial reality show Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Written Update 7 January 2021 is here and today’s episode Ticket to Finale work is going on at the BB house. The seven finalists are set to compete against each other and face the final week. As we all know, a total of five missions have been played in the game, and now, the sixth act is set to play tonight under the name “Kettatunna Tattik Ketpen”, and in this case, the housemates have to give the other contestants the elements and flaws they have seen. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Promo 7th January 2021: Is it a strategy that his enemies suddenly praise Aari?

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 7th January 2021 Written Updates

Housewives are all about to come to the Grand Finale and are a little frightened for the incredible and huge Grand Finale, and to make the week more entertaining and enjoyable, BigBass gives the housemates a number of tasks to compete with. As we saw in Act 4, the housemates Rio and Balaji face tough competition and are expected to make the same happen in tonight’s episode.

In the next scene, housemate Rio and Balaji compete with each other but in the end, Rio wins the task as Balaji falls to the ground. In today’s work, the first competitors to perform the task are Som Shekhar and then he selects a housemate to point out the shortcomings. Ari Arjuna and then he has several cameras in the house and he is named as its personal cameraman Aari because he has all the information about everyone. After hearing this, Som Shekhar laughs very loudly with Aari.

As we all know, if Balaji is at Ari’s place there will surely be a big fight between Som and him but Ari, on the other hand, takes jokes and smiles at the joke. After that, Rama comes in and tells everyone that she is carrying Ari’s luggage, and later, a conversation takes place between Rio and Somu about Balaji’s behavior. The whole episode as a whole is worth watching and it will definitely be very interesting to see who wins today’s act.

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