Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 9th December 2020 Written Update

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 9th December 2020 Written Update

2.20 Reading the New Circular from Big Boss in Rio. Its a new luxury budget function. Putia Manita. Housemates should be divided into two teams. Humans and Robert. Bala will be head of Humans and Archana Roberts will head. Roberts must listen to human beings and obey their orders.

The function of human beings is to express their feelings. Robots are given two hearts, which can remove the heart whenever they respond. Robert is then diffused. Robert is included in the team as to who failed to do their job. He wants to play whenever the bar is playing. They can choose their team.

Arya, Rio, Nisha, Azeed, Anita are chosen for the Bala Human team. Som, Ramya, Jithan, Gabbi and Shivani are selected for the Archana Roberts team.

At 3.30pm Roberts is changing his outfit. Archana asks Bigbas to give him Antana. Soman is teasing the men standing outside.

4.10 PM Archana confronts Rio with her doubts about the work. If humans ask her to smile, can she smile properly? Isn’t this considered elimination? Rio explains to her that she only considers expressing her feelings. Bala and Nisha are discussing how to make them laugh. Nisha tell him to use the egg.

Archana must break the egg with her hand and brush her face. Bala assures her that she will try everything to make them laugh. Azid asks Roberts to draw a line and enter. Anita told Bala that she would take Archana. Bala replies to her that we don’t need to fix the exchange Robert. Rio commented that he was walking slowly. Anita finds Shivani smiling so they remove her heart. Nisha praised Ramya.

At 4.15 pm all Roberts are in the garden area. Rio is asking all Roberts to stand with one hand. He then asks them to forward their right hands and legs repeatedly. Finally tell him to turn his head. Gabby fails to do that. Anita is named after all Roberts. She is referred to by Shivani as Makeup Robot, Archana Bossy Robo, Raja Veetu as Githan, Ginji as Gabby, Soft Hurt Robo as Robot.

At 4.20 pm Bala and his team are discussing who to get rid of and how to express their feelings. Her heart is already gone, asking Anita to choose Shivani’s reasoning. Bala denies it and tells Archana to choose him.

They discussed much and finally decided to target Archana and give the works to another Roberts. Bala asks Boss to return to Robo and relax. Nisha asks boss Robo to say I love you five times. She tells him. She asks to look into her eyes that she did it too. She asks him to follow her. Tell Rio to tease Somu and follow him.

Anita tells Archana she wants to drive her. She nods. Anita ran to Archana and jumped on her and she carried her. Bala asked Jithan to take 10 push ups. Rio is teasing Gabby’s nose so small that he can even see it in her eyes.

Bala tells Somu to walk around the park. Nisha asks Archana to carry Anita on her way. She cheated on Archana. Archana promises to carry her. Gabby looked at it and smiled. Rio and Bala remove their hearts. Rio asks Gabby why she smiled. Ari and Nisha ask Archana to cry. She cries for them.

At 4.35 pm Anita asked Archan to break the egg with her hand. She did it. Bala asks Ari to supervise him. She asks Nisha to perform Shivani. Anita tells her to knead the egg with her hands. She nods and does it. Ari rubbed it with his hand and told him to pull the mustache. She does it too. Bala asks her to smell it and starts walking. She is walking while smelling. Ari looks at her. Here, Azeed and Rio are trying to make Rama laugh.

At 4.45 pm, Soma Ari is exercising orders. When Azid asks him he does not show his irritation now so we can remove the heart. Somu corrected his expression he was not smiling annoyingly. So Ari removed the badge. Soman questions him Can he not be happy? Ari answers him Roberts is not happy.

Rio asks Shivani to insert a finger in her ear and nose. Shivani smiled repeatedly to the ear. Bala asks Archana to show her expressions. Archana smiled unwittingly. Bala claimed her laugh and removed the heart from her. Archana tells him she put the egg in the face and it dried so she could not smile.

4.50 In Rio, Jithan stands up and asks him to sit down and keep him. Bala Somu asks her to dance. Jeetan tells her that Nisha is beautiful again. Azeed asking Ranjaya to brush while singing. Bala asks her to lay eggs on Arla’s face.
Rio orders Gabby to dance. Archana informs Nisha that she should only target two robots at a time. Nisha explains that they are only targeting Somu and Archana rest.

At 6pm. Did he ever go for a massage asking Ari Jithan? He answers him that he is not. Ari continues to question the house and housemates to make him angry, but he answers him in the usual way, with Anita and Bala joining in on her.

At 6.10 pm Nisha asks Archana what is her name? She answers him that she’s a boss robot. Do you like me What if everyone calls her by this name? She answers it and she gladly accepts it. Nisha continues to question Archana about her late father but Archana answers her calmly.

Rio and Bala give Somu the job to confront Archana for the man. He rushes to her, throws off his clothes, and shouts at Nisha for torturing Archana in this way. Nisha answers him in that she is asking her father to make her emotionally aware of what her problem is.

The two argued with each other, and she learned the truth of pretending to be angry. Nisha shouts at him for ruining her work. She’s sorry for them. And leaving there. She weeps with regret for the questions Archana asked. Rio tell her to leave and use these tears to tempt Jithan Ramesh.

At 6.20 pm, Nisha shouts at Ari for making a Jithan puppet. Ari tells her that it’s her job. Nisha questions him for that, how can she take him for these many minutes? Ari questions her he is talking to him what’s her problem with it? Doesn’t it tend? Rio gets there and pretends to question him and takes Jeetan with him. He answers Jithan in a robotic fashion trying to get angry.

At 7.15 pm, Rio was questioned about the work of Archana and argued with Bala. Bala and Rio are trying to explain that they made a mistake in the first act of targeting everyone. But after Bigbas cleared it, they only targeted the remaining two men. He returned a single heart to them for not taking the right time. Archana denies it and listen to the heart.

7.40 pm Archana blames Rio for not supporting her. Its unfair that she didn’t smile but they took off her badge. Bala is just trying to explain her one game. She shouted at him, not her father’s death game. What Bala is trying to explain to her is not meant to hurt her. Nisha admitted that it was a question of not Bala.

Archana pounded on her as she played a cheap trick to make a break. Rio tries to appease her but she cries and Nisha on the other hand also cries because Archana has misunderstood her purpose.

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