Bigg Boss Tamil 4 4th January 2021 Written Episode Update: What happened at the Big Boss house?

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 4th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Aajeedh also lived there with the support of Balaji, though not to the extent of Shivani. In a way that is why he was able to last. These coyotes may have escaped so far because of their strategy of overthrowing strong rivals first and then looking after the weaker ones. Audiences may have cast their ballots even for the same purpose.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Vote Results Today

Aajeedh Evicted Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4

“Ampa … is this guy like this?” I have also scolded Aajeedh in this series. But in hindsight, Aajeedh has qualities that have nothing to do with the bloodbath like Big Boss. (In many cases, I am editing Aajeedh first by writing ‘he’ in the title and not ‘he’).

Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Aajeedh Khalique has shared a post on social media first time

What will he do if he goes to someone who has a calm demeanor, a quiet demeanor, a dignity who thinks he should not hurt others, a civilization that even shows anger in solitude and says, ‘Fight, jump, punch him’? Also not much experience since young age.

Aajeedh is basically the best singer. The winning scene in Super Singer where a little boy sings super is still running through my mind. When the boy grew up and entered the Big Boss house as a young man, he was surprised to say ‘Ada’. But Aajeedh could not do much harm to the show. Aajeedh is as disgusted with the house as an average white Assamese, caught in the cunning storms of the capitalist world. “I’m not involved. What can I do about it?” The question has been haunting him ever since.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Highlights: Aajeedh Khalique evicted; Kamal Haasan offers housemates a chance to campaign for themselves

Let Mamata Aajeedh not climb on the head like ‘My fan slam is not my expectation’. (Take for example the Rahman who keeps the morning on the ground no matter how high he goes). Come on Aajeedh! Heartfelt congratulations.

What happened at the 91st day in Big Boss house?

Kamal came on stage with the motto, “I see the coming year as a year of change. Our dreams will come true if we continue to train with vigilance, honesty and perseverance.”

The color combination of the coat, pants and shoes that Kamal wore today was great. Let’s tear off this dress too. Kamal then boasted to the contestants that “Indian clothing manufacturers’ response to Western cardigan fabric”. “Sir … you bought it for us,” the boy model who went shopping with Dad reminded Aari, “I promise.”

Bigg Boss Tamil 4, Day 91, January 3, highlights: Aajeedh evicted, Kamal asks contestants to campaign for themselves

“Why do I deserve to win the Big Boss title?” That each contestant can come to the private room and ‘propagate’ three rules: (1) do not lie (2) the information must be correct (3) do not lie. ”I told you these rules. “I told you too,” Kamal said in different modulations, a good satire. (‘Nallar Oruvar Ularel -‘ ‘song’ (?!) Olavaiyar wrote ‘is a minister’s latest ularal.’ Ularel ‘as Thiruvalluvar may have written).

“Can we start?” Kamal laughed at the head-scratching body language seen in the ‘Vikram’ teaser.

‘Last season I ate seaweed and said Jaichavangan is wrong. Akshuvali ate the seaweed he had. Natas has just eaten. We apologize for that. The story that changed itself will be a history for the future youth ‘- said Balaji in a sly body language with such a hint of explanation. (But, it seems that Balaji has not changed through an incident that took place at night).

Next up was the smiling Ms. ‘Ramya’. “My feelings are not fake. I did not put up any screen. I did not hurt anyone. I did not even have a choice but to nominate myself. (The tone was mixed, ‘Even if you trust me, that’s love’).

Next came Aajeedh. Kamal knows that this is the one who is going to leave today. However, Kamal was looking like ‘come on … tell me’. Aajeedh said goodbye to Kamal.

KP, who came next, smiled as usual and left, saying, “The first thing I noticed on the board was ‘Missing’ (Finding me lost was ‘Love Betten’). My identity is positive. I will rise again if I fall.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Final nominations of BB 4 – who’s getting nominated?

Next up was Aari. Kamal may have taken a break and said, ‘Well … I came back drunk.’ Because Aari usually speaks in a ‘propaganda’ tone. Now they have tied the knot. But one has to underline and say. Aari is the only one who has used this propaganda platform properly and effectively. Aari now kept Kamal cool by quoting everything Kamal had said before.

“You said the show was a reflection of the community. Here I have realized the responsibility of being a responsible citizen of the community if I am myself. I have handled the captaincy responsibility well. I have greatly prevented food wastage. There are only two categories in the world, the pros / cons. I try to take advantage of the opportunity. Success will come automatically if you do not qualify, “said Aari.” I hope people will support me. “Kamal’s face lit up with satisfaction.

Som, who came next, said, “I have never bought a boring performer. I have missed captaincy opportunities in my hair. I have seen insults for ten years. I have used this rare opportunity properly.” . Kamal was special when he finally stumbled for a word. Self-pity should not be mixed in such propaganda. Wise people will not like it.

The next Rio gave new meaning to the sentence of the Gita. “Say, ‘Do the duty. Don’t expect the reward.’ It is also wrong to think that people will like it if you talk like you have no desire for success. Don’t speak negatively in campaigns. People are more likely to think, ‘Well … he wants that.’

Bigg Boss Tamil 4: I am with Aari and he is the winner – The Openely said Bigg Boss 3 actress

Some youngsters are talking about how to impress a woman in the movie ‘Boys’. A young man, Idea, would say, “We don’t see girls, but girls like those girls.” Another will throw the idea in the trash, saying, “Stay away from Boda Dubuque.” Rio’s propaganda text was reminiscent of this scene.

Kamal applauded after the campaign. Next Caller of the week. The name of the person who came on the phone is Silambarasan. (Hey … are you a beast ?!). Nowadays Kamal does not say the tagline ‘Your I’ if he sees that he is going to ask Kamal something important. He misses it. (very important!).

But when Ramya was questioned, Silambarasan’s mischief came to light. “When are you going to become a pediatrician and become a great doctor and do all the surgery? I’m going to ask anyone a question like Ari’s anchovies,” Ramya said. Ramya specializes in “changing me” without defending it. Ramya thanked the caller as if she understood “Oh … this is what Safe Game is all about”.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 last nomination list ft rio aari balaji

Som arrived in Rio first. “Someone will point out something they don’t like. He won’t fight for it. He’ll be friendly to everyone. That’s what I like.”

Aajeedh came to Som. “It simply came to our notice then. Tasklam will do just fine. Ana will be quiet on alcohol matters. Just look at me like that.

The photo that came to Aari was his beloved rival Ramya. “Good entertainer … have a sense of humor. Use good strategy in the game “aAri …” Did you see in the collar task. When he tried to dig back into what had happened in the last century, he said, “Ramesh instead of Shivani.” Kamal interrupted, “Are you gone somewhere, Aari …” Ramya smiled and concluded, “Can he comment openly?”

What KP has to say next is about Bala. “It simply came to our notice then. He will change … then he will change … he will make a mistake again. Drunk is a good guy. But I feel like I ‘m wearing the same tactic, ”said KP.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Aajeedh and Ramya are on the eviction list

If Sean makes a mistake and says, ‘Sir, I’m wrong,’ he will be more focused on making mistakes, even when he’s making mistakes. Maybe this is what Balaji is following. “It simply came to our notice then. I will not nominate. “KP patted Balaji hard and left.

Shivani, who came next, had something to say about KP. “Fun / Jolly … Don’t fight. So … Sweet” Next up is Aajeedh . He has to say something about Shivani. It’s like one goat talking about another goat. Aajeedh was right when he said, “He has nothing to do with it. Just look up when his people come.”

Ramya the parrot took the ace called Rio. Rio nodded sarcastically as if to say, ‘We didn’t get this.’ “Rio is a fun guy. Remember not to hurt anyone. Adimanasula will be something else. But security will say something outside,” Ramya said as she dropped the needle to the brim size.

Should Arya come to Balaji ?! Balaji was already on the verge of murder and still dusted off the list of complaints and read it. “He would be complaining. He would not even praise one person. He would only tell half the truth,” he said and sat down.

Next came Kamal on the issue of those on the ‘nomination’ list. “Som … why are you so lonely?” Kamal asked, “Do you remember maybe Save?” And said, “Yes … you were saved.”

Usually Ramya covers her disgruntled facial expressions with a smile. But dissatisfaction and concern were evident on Ramya’s face when she found out that Som had been saved. (This cameraman had a different focus). It seems that Ramya was in confusion and fear because her brother had come and told someone else.

Aajeedh advised Ramya, “Didn’t your brother tell you … if you weren’t going to go today, think about that paragraph”. Ramya’s mind voice must have run, “Aww … this guy is talking punch dialogue.” .

“I have been telling you since the second week that you do not want to tell me the title winner. It will change from week to week. It hurts more madams. “Ramya was right. Even with generosity.

Next, Kamal came on stage with an eviction card. When Kamal announced the next game that ‘there will be two boxes in the store room’, KP gave the shocking effect of seeing the horror scene of the ghost movie. Kamal told the news that ‘Shivani’ was saved before the game. If so Ramya’s tension would still be high. (Shivania before Ramya … terrible injustice all this).

Ramya’s name was written in green on the top of the box and Aajeedh name was written in red. However, Kamal dragged the game a bit and announced the name ‘Aajeedh ‘ as ​​the name to be dropped. Aajeedh stood up as expected. “Brother, ‘Balaji hugged Aajeedh and complimented him,” Don’t play well, brother. ”

Aajeedh broke the bill and distributed the coins to Balaji, Ramya and KP. We were afraid that the pieces of the bill lying on the ground would stab anyone in the leg. Like Archana, Aajeedh may have dismissed them immediately.

He then sang from the film ‘Out of the Air’ at KP’s request. He sang Vairamuthu’s ‘Wow’ lines well, ‘The search for sounds ends in silence … The search for silence ends in wisdom.’ But, he sang ‘Nannilave you are not good’ instead of ‘Nallirave’.

Everyone encouraged Aajeedh and sent him on his way. When Aajeedh said goodbye, Balaji came and hugged him.

KP was more eye-catching because he was a comrade of almost the same age. “I remember Bowen. This time I nominated him. He sang this song when he was nominated earlier,” cried KP, remembering many things.

Balaji sang about his brother’s pride, saying, “Anita and Aajeedh Payapulla earned a lot of coins.”

“Okay … you are a good singer. That’s why you should not waste your voice and make noise. Let the singers be like that. Use this light. The country will know your name from now on,” Kamal greeted Aajeedh on Agam TV.

The way Aajeedh expressed his special thanks only to Balaji, KP and Ramya is flexible. Aajeedh acceptance of Balaji as his guiding brother in particular is a flexible relationship. But it was only after giving advice that Aajeedh understood the beauty of the operation. Aajeedh thanked ‘Akka’ Ramya’s affection for ‘friend’ KP’s love. His travel video is truly fantastic as usual. Congratulations to the Big Boss team. Especially the scene where he forgot to put on the pants zip and then put the embarrassment in the middle of the game on stage is interesting. Aajeedh laughed out loud.

Kamal greeted Aajeedh and said goodbye. Without forgetting he said ‘your I’. (Can’t you hear what Silambarasan said back then?).

In the early days Ramya never lined up about anyone. He will stop those who speak like that. But after the confrontation with Aari he only joked to others about him. It was harmless humor. For another the pit-digging beastly lining is not.

But it is strange that even the value he gives to those who utter harsh words like a rooster is not even to those who say his objections softly with a smile. But due to the lessons learned from the environment, Ramya has now begun to unite passionately in the debate.

But it is true that Ramya has been in false silence on many occasions when controversies are taking place. Shivani, Aajeedh , Som and many others were like that. As such he did not interfere much in anything other than things that directly affected him. But it should also be remembered that Ramya stood by and supported Sanam and Anita when they were affected.

Balaji and Shivani were whispering over midnight. Nothing important. It is an old myth. Balaji was lamenting to Shivani with the same refrain and self-pity that “Aari told me to be lazy. I did a good job”. Shivani was also giving appropriate advice, saying, “You shouldn’t have left Overa’s mouth either. That’s why people are spoiled.” Even if you don’t listen to Kamal, it is special that Balaji listens to what Shivani says.

Rio was researching the other side of the reasons why Ramya said about herself.

“Even all the servants I had could go out .. but in the dark .. with the help of a lantern .. only one figure would be the only redhead working in this factory. That’s this Raju!” Shivaji will speak the eloquent verse in the movie ‘Pasamalar’.

It was as if only one figure in the darkness of the Big Boss house was working alone. It’s Aari. He was sweeping the house alone. Seeing this late, Rio and Somu said, “What pro … wouldn’t we have come if we had called?” Aajeedh is no more … so shouldn’t he have come automatically and asked? ” That’s right, Aari said angrily.

It looks like Balaji climbed the drum tree again as the story of ‘Old blind … knock on the door’. He doesn’t even have the sense that it will turn out in Ari’s favor. Anger and violence he closes his eyes.

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