Buying land in Dakshina Kannada is easier for Inmunde Keralites – Indian News Live

Mangalore: The Land Reform Act, implemented by the State Government of Karnataka, is a fortune that many people in Kerala do not want.

Dakshina Kannada District – People from Kerala have been buying land in the border areas of Kerala for four decades. Now that the Land Reform Act has been enacted, there are more opportunities for buyers to buy land in the border area of ​​Dakshina Kannada district, which is being analyzed to further increase the purchasing power.

Foreign money is flowing in Kerala and land prices are rising. But compared to Kerala, the cost of land in Dakshina Kannada is low, which is why the people of Kerala are increasingly investing in land in Dakshina Kannada district.

If you sell 10 cents of land in Kerala you can get 1 acre of land in Dakshina Kannada district with the same money.

Most of the Keralites who buy land in Dakshina Kannada are transforming it into a rubber plantation or a nursery, a coconut plantation and a banana plantation.

The Christians of Kochi are highly skilled and hard working in rubber cultivation, making profits from the land of consequence. Govind Bhat, a native of Belthangady, Puttur, Bantwal, and others, said that they came to Sulaya in the early days.

The natives of Dakshina Kannada are shifting away from agricultural land, and in the near future, the hold of Kerala will increase on the agricultural land of these areas. Sixty-five per cent are small tenants. While the nut crop is 350-400 kg, only 2 acres of nut plantation can earn 60,000 a year. Advocate Ismail Neladi says that now the land restriction in Karnataka has been relaxed and more people will buy agricultural land from Kerala.

Rashid Vitla says that those who buy barren lands, if they develop them into gardens, will get some employment for the locals.


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