Chasing the Evanescence -1

During the preparations for Independence Day, she was invited by the authorities to train the cadets for the National Day Parade, and he first noticed her on those humid but cool days.

In her late 20s, a quiet woman, usually without any conversation, sits on one of the hall’s wooden benches at lunch breaks.

It was a job to train a few hundred cadets for the national day but they loved this new venture because they could see a part of their old days.

He used to steal her looks when all the units were resting and having small havens for short breaks.

Wearing skin-tight leggings and a full-sleeved t-shirt, she covered herself with colorful long shorts, perhaps aware of her soul but her work required her to wear those clothes.

For dance teachers, it was inevitable to wear something that was comfortable, so the dance moves she was going to teach were obvious to everyone.

He wanted to see her perform but he was rehearsing in closed indoor halls and he was busy with outdoor activities, all kinds of conversations were impossible because they were packed on a tight schedule and had no time to meet.

But he was looking at her for a 40-minute break, and she was sitting on the bench in the outer courtyard of the auditorium, away from the crowd of cadets and small children.

Sometimes her fingers had something medical problem with her and used to spoon, spreading 5 minutes of noodles or some rice dish into her lunchbox.

In those moments of her helplessness he was hoping he’d reach out to her and calm her down … he didn’t know why but he wanted to.

She was coming, dusting the pollen off the bench and then sitting in silence for a long time… then she swiped the phone screen and smiled at the messages and then her face was down with a painful look.

At 1:45 pm after she opened the lunch box she was eating, she suggested that she put out some sort of daily alarm to remind her that her phone’s beeps were over.

He had met so many girls and they were all so vibrant, their home and their mother and sisters so powerful, warm with all they had met but this silence was a sophisticated silence but appalling.

A tall but slender frame and some days extraordinarily gaudy eyes told him different stories, making ume a hundred different burdens on her.

Her behavior made her curious to learn more about her… or getting to know her.

But the day of separation came without a moment of casual meeting… there was a day of freedom and the last day of this temporary adventure.

He was free from his duties after the parades and now he can find her one last time.

Finding her in a crowded hallway, especially when you are properly dressed in your wing army uniform, is a task, and you still need to welcome the elders and return the younger ones who attended the event.

He kept looking for her, throwing his eyes as far as he could go, facing the audience through the stage to the inner corridors and then to every place he could see her… he went everywhere but to his utter dismay, she was nowhere.

“Maybe she didn’t come. But she had to come for her students … It gives them confidence when they are performing that their mentors are somewhere around them,” he whispered to himself and began to move toward the main hall.

“Ladies and gentlemen !!! Please hold your breath for the next performance of the JR Public High School group. ”

The announcer has such positive vibrations in her voice that she was excited about it and after the announcement a woman made a calm and relaxed sound –

He was there when this world did not exist.

It will be him when everything ends again

Somewhere there…

Then when we are burning in the hot air of our pains

That’s their support…

As we drive through our happy bubble

It was just him

It is therefore our small attempt to show the different existence of that supreme power.

He couldn’t think of anything, cursed him for not trying before, for not being warned in time, but he didn’t know why he couldn’t approach her…

His bright eyes were falling short today as people said, and with no enthusiasm to stay there, he walked into the hall … after telling the other staff he would take a leave.

And here Destiny had other plans for him…

She was coming down with a 3/4 sleeveless blouse with silk saree in maroon and golden color and stopped abruptly, coming back because someone called her …

As she turned around he saw that she was

She spotted the delicate bun deliberately loosening, and shimmered a small button like accessories in her ear.

“Did he notice a small smile on her lips?” He separated them as they were coming to his direction through a long line.

He did not think she would look like this in traditional dress… Casuals would give a very rough picture of her despite her silence.

Her expression shifted as he approached the door he was standing in, the faint glow in her eyes that he had seen only a few seconds earlier, and in a very calculating walk she went to his right… green rooms.

His values, his training and his work made her stop going in her direction, stopping to follow her but something deep in his heart wanted to know the truth about those lonely eyes.

Within a few minutes, he saw her coming out with a small bag, ready to leave… it was now or never.

There was this little confusion about what to do to his heart and his brain, and finally, his heart won and he proceeded to stop her…

But luck had other plans… “Sir, the Chief Minister wants to meet us all… Your presence –

“Okay … coming.” He turned and saw her walking away from him one last time.

Some stories are meant to die without a boil, they have to be completely boiled or there is still a boil left for him to collect…