Choti Sarrdarrni 19th October 2020 Written Update Full EP: Param has an amazing surprise

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The episode begins with Mehr receiving greetings from his older brother. Aditi is also standing next to Meher. Manav looks at him, in fact he is looking at Mehr but Aditi thinks he is looking at her. Kulwant thinks he should tell this to Meher. Kulwant tells Meher that Vikram is Manav. I wanted to tell you last week but I went to Serbia, ”says Kulwant. Mehr says I know. Mehr says I know. Kulwant still says you will let him come into this house. Mehr says Aditi’s husband is Damad of this house.

Kulwant recounts how Vikram’s mother told the story that she had never seen her son unravel last year. Kulwant says that if Manav ever tells the truth his mother will die. Manav forces his mother to take medications and look after her. Aditi comes with new with. Vikram’s mother takes care of me, my children, I always want to be sick. Manav and Aditi say not to say so. She apologizes and tries to say something to Aditi Manav but he tells her about the call. Rana and Levi enjoy alcohol.

The party begins, Harleen announces that Param brought a cake and arranged everything from the param menu to the cake. Param says that this cake is for Parma and Karan’s Mamma and Papa. Vikram’s anger is controlled by Surya. Sarab and Meher go to cut the cake but Param stops them.

Param has arranged a role-play where some of the moments from Day 1 and so on will be performed, reminiscent of Mehr and Sarab’s memorable moments. Param says my mother and father love each other. Harleen announces how proud she is of Meher’s decision to be Sarab’s bride. Here, Manav is drinking and his mother comes and stops him and takes him with her. Thanks to Harleen Maher for bringing so much joy. Sarab says I loved Meher at first sight. Meher says me too but with Param. They all laugh.

Our love grew with time and the color of our love grew darker, which I hope will strengthen. Mehr’s older brother says that love is irritating to be aware of time.

Then they dress up like an old man and play the role of Sarab saying I am going to Goa. Meher asks if you have taken. Sarab pretends to be wrong and then Mehar pretends to be jealous. Then everyone joins the dance floor. Mehr then says that I and my friends are going to Meher. Sarab says you go there old. Mehr says I’m still hot. Now Meher dances and Sarab is jealous. Everyone enjoys the roleplay. Then they all dance. Meher and Sarab dance together. Manav smokes.

The episode ends.