Bigg Boss Tamil 4 21 Dec 2020 Episode Updates: Archana Chandhoke gets evicted

Archana Chandhoke is the ninth contestant to be expelled from the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 reality show hosted by Kamal Haasan. Archana Chandhoke entered the house on the 11th day as the first wild card contender of the season. Archana Chandhoke was expelled after a 66-day stay at home.

7 contestants – Archana Chandhoke, Aari Arjuna, Anita Sampath, Shivani Narayanan, Som Shekhar, Aajeedh Khalik and Rio Raj – were nominated for elimination. Ari and Rio were saved in Saturday’s episode. Shivani and Anita are saved in Sunday’s episode. Azeed and Archana were in the danger zone. At last, it was announced that Archana had been eliminated as the day’s contender.

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No wonder when Archana announced her name to be evicted. Since many housemates were in a sad mood, the applause demanded a happy send-off. Bigg Boss greeted Archana and gave her a virtual hug. Before leaving the house, Archana alleviated the negative forces of all the housemates. After spending a few emotional moments, Archana left the house.

Kamal Haasan welcomed Archana Chandoke on stage. Kamal said there were huge expectations from her, but they entered the house. Archana said she is hosting a lot of events. For her part, this is the first and best experience as a contestant on a show. She was declared a hen for her protective instinct. It was a proud moment.

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Kamal asked Archana to share her views on the allegations against her, including using love strategically and hiding others to name a few. Archana replied that he was very honest. She has been pouring love since the day she was born. She is happy to face everything that comes her way as a result of her expressions of love.

Kamal asked Archana to share her messages with the housemates. Archana was ousted after he became leader. Therefore, Archana was given the opportunity to nominate Balaji Murugadas or Ramya as the leader. She chose Archana Balaji as the hero and said that it was like a gift to her.

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Archana was shown a video compilation of her journey. Both Kamal and Arcahana were very happy to see it. Seeing this, Archana and Kamal said it was an incredible journey.

Kamal praised Archana and praised her for spreading her love at such a difficult time, like the Covid-19 epidemic, despite various allegations. Archana thanked the Bigg Boss team, Kamal and the public and bid adieu to the event.

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