Do you even make these mistakes when merging somewhere? Can cause hair loss

Causes Off Hair LossEvery girl dreams of beautiful long hair, but a few mistakes made inadvertently will not allow your dream to come true. There are a few hair related mistakes that can make your hair start to fall faster than it gets thick and long. Tell us about some of these mistakes regarding hair, which should be avoided when comb.

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Combing-
– Start the comb from the roots of the hair

If you start combing your hair from the root of the hair, this is a big reason for your weak breakage. In fact, by doing this, a lot of tangled hair begins to accumulate at the bottom, which puts pressure on the scalp and the hair begins to break. Always separate the bottom end before combing it. After this, take the comb near the roots.

Avoid combing wet hair
If you are one of those people who only comb with damp hair, correct this habit immediately. Doing this will make the hair weak and more likely to break. Before combing, dry your wet hair in a natural way, such as air or sunlight, and comb them only afterwards.

In a hurry comb
Swelling quickly expands the hair and weakens its roots. As the roots of the hair weaken, the hair begins to break down. Comb with light hands while combing. Also, use a wood comb instead of comb plastic. Plastic comb can damage the hair.

Comb after applying hair products
Some people begin to comb their hair after applying hair care products such as hair packs, conditioners and serums. People think that by doing this their hair care products will apply equally to the hair, but should always be avoided. In fact, after applying these things to the hair, the hair becomes too wet and when wet hair combes, they begin to tangle and break.

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